Bed Time Rituals and Routines

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  1. Bed Time Rituals and Routines

    Are there any special bed time rituals or routines you follow each night with your children? Any early birds or night owls? What time do your children go to sleep?
  2. None now, as my daughter is 17 and usually goes to bed after I leave for work. But for about the first five years of her life, each night either my wife or I would get a pillow and a blanket and a bottle (later a sippy cup) and her favorite stuffed animal and would rock our child to sleep. Some nights we'd read a book. Sometimes we'd listen to a tape of children's songs. When she fell asleep, we'd carry her to her bed and tuck her in.
  3. My younger three are 11, 9 and 6 so we still follow a routine.
    Usually, wash and pyjamas (they shower each morning!)
    Downstairs for drinks and saying goodnight, and thenwe read some bible stories or even bedtime stories pray and say goodnight.
    Always try to have them in bed by 8.30 sometimes it goes on a bit.
    At weekends they stay up an hour later, but mine get really irritable if they dont get enough sleep!
  4. My son is nine. We usually read a story, say a prayer about 8:30. I let him stay up later on the weekend, depending on how tired I am.
  5. My mom would read to me almost every night until I was 10 or 11. I had learning disability and I could not read or write very well, so I'd read the first 3 pages of the chapter and my mom would read me the rest.
  6. My boys are 6 and 3. We brush teeth put on PJ's then read devotional and sometimes Bible stories. Then in about 10 minutes we walk the 3 year old back to bed. Then about another 10-15 we walk the 3 year old back to bad. And so on. Usually around 8:30 -9:00 he finally falls asleep.

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