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Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by God_be_with_you, May 18, 2014.

  1. Hey guys! I really enjoy the forum, and I would be interested in becoming a moderator one day. I realize that I'm still a new member, and that I need to put in some years before it would be appropriate. Just out of curiosity, how much time does each moderator invest, and would you ever consider adding another mod?

    I don't feel ready to take on a responsibility like this right now, but I would definitely be interested further down the line...
  2. We are always looking for moderators, and different moderators invest different amounts of times. I go from tons of time to various hiatus' when the work gets overwhelming. I think that tends to be a fairly common trend with us. I'll put you down for interest in the future. Most of our moderators these days start out as Helpers, which is basically damage control for when the moderators aren't available. It doesn't require as much time or training, so that might be an option for you if the active moderators agree.
  3. Cool! What sort of damage control do helpers perform?
  4. Our Amazing Staff Members
    Our staff members consists of very helpful and active Christian volunteers from all around the world. They help run our community keeping it friendly and clean for the rest of us.
  5. You'll probably end up on spam watch. ;)

    I appreciate the work the moderators do but I don't see it as a fun job. I have my own forum and keeping the spam bots away has really drained my enthusiasm.

  6. Not really. Spam is rare but it does happen. We do have spam cleaner
  7. I'd be interested in becoming a helper. I'm becoming more and more familiar with xenforo everyday, and I think helping out with the forum would be great.
  8. I apologize. There was apparently a post by you in the queue that was inadvertently deleted. Please feel free to post again. I apologize for that.
  9. It sounds very interesting actually!

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