Because you love me,

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  1. Because you love me,

    Because you love me
    You are my eye
    When I couldn't see,
    Because of you
    I could lean on you,
    Because your love
    Showed me
    When I went wrong,
    Becuase of you
    I can now lift
    Your name on high,
    Lord because of you
    I know the love
    You have for me,
    Lord I can now see
    Thank you for understanding me,
    Lord your patience
    Is beyond my understanding,
    If you wait for me
    I will come to you,
    Place me in your heart
    If you miss me
    iIwill come to you,
    I need you to fill
    My heart,
    Will you be waiting
    For me?

    The Lord's answer is YES

    written by ramon 2/7/09


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