Beat em up

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  1. Beat em up

    Boudreaux live across de bayou from Clarence who he don like at all. Dey all de time yell across de bayou at each other. Boudreaux would yell to Clarence, "If I had a way to cross dis bayou, I'd come over dere an beat you up good, yeah!"

    Dis went on for years. Finally de state done built a bridge across dat bayou right by dere houses and Boudreaux's wife, Marie, say, "Now is you chance, Boudreaux. Why don you go over der an beat up dat Clarence like you say?"

    Boudreaux say, "OK," and start across de bridge, but he see a sign on de bridge an he stop to read it and den he go back home.

    Marie say, "Why you back so soon?"

    And Boudreaux say, "Marie I dun change my mind 'bout beatin' up dat Clarence. You know Marie, dey got a sign on dat dere bridge dat say, 'Clarence 13 ft. 6 in.' You know, he don look near dat big when I yell at him across de bayou."
  2. Well… evidently, Boudreaux is not a descendant of David.
    Or his sling was in the shop. :D
  3. [​IMG]

  4. That horse puts a nice finish to my joke!!! I love it.

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