beast spirit

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by smellycat, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. beast spirit

    because man believed a beast,ie snake that we have a beast spirit before being follow animal rules until Christ helps.

    for a bit of fun i will name a few

    lusters=bunny rabbits
    models=exotic birds
  2. stock market men/women =wolves

    door to door salesmen=hungry wolves

    telephone sales ppl=annoying wolves

  3. Ooooooh now you gonna upset all those people who work as telephone sales agents hehehe
  4. i,m sure they won,t mind they upset me everytime they
  5. hahaha... hey if i ain't able to find a job soon looks like that what ill be doing :smiley90:
  6. get used to people politely saying no go away.or unpolitely telling you to @@@@
  7. I've never thought about things like this. Thanks for sharing another way of looking at things.

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