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Discussion in 'Fellowship Time' started by Cturtle, Apr 7, 2015.

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  3. Yea what He said !
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  4. Out of curiosity, how do others keep the light lit?
  5. I pray almost constantly, all day long. Especially during my morning prayer, I ask God to bless my day and let His light shine through me so that I may bless others. I read my Bible daily. So I guess my answer is to immerse myself in prayer and God's word.
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  6. Pray for others, be kind to others.
    Stay in His Word.
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  7. Meditating in the Word of God and spending time communing with Him. If we don't spend time building our faith up...then we have nothing to give to others.
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  8. Walking in Love and Forgivenes !!
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  9. Awesome point! I never looked at it that way before...
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  10. When you meet others, ask of yourself how you can answer them and behave towards them in a way that would reflect Christ. Ask in your heart what is the point of servant hood that is required and if relevant. Holy Spirit will lead the way.
    As I always say, if you have any thought of good to do towards anyone, then do it, no one looses.
  11. Getting into the word daily, talking with God and worshiping every day, and making sure to fellowship with other believers regularly. These things keep me growing straight, and enable me to interact with the world with His light and His life.
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  12. I can agree to a certain point....but just because something sounds good, or looks like it is God...or is an open door does not necessarily mean that we are to go through it. And just because the door is closed up tight should we assume that we are not to go through it. We must be internally led by the Holy Spirit. I have herd many preachers say...God why aren't You taking hold of this with me, or why is this not working...and God says because i never told you to do it.

    we should be asking God and not ourselves. God expects and is fulfilled or glad when we fully rely on Him and not on ourselves

    Just like in Matthew 25:41 where God tells the people depart from me i never knew you. Those people claimed to have done things in the Name of Jesus.....but the Father did not recognize it because, He was not involved with what they were doing. And the other scripture where in the temple a Pharisee and a tax collector were praying. It says that the pharisee was praying by himself, God was not in that prayer, because all he was doing was boasting about himself (Luke 18:10-14).

    Just something to think about.
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  13. Are there any ways that a well meaning person can hinder their witness, or be less effective when teaching others?
  14. The main way to hinder your own witness and risk people turning from Christ and rejecting the Good News is to fail in walking out the truth before them. However, this is also true, that we cannot devise and carry out surefire plans to lead someone to Christ. Unbelievers are watching us all the time and we will fail. God's plan to reach the unsaved works beyond our human frailties and plans. This I have learned through experience and it was a blessing to come to understand it. The Lord freed me from striving!
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  15. Is walking in love and gentleness apart of the truth that you speak about?
  16. That walk can only be accomplished by us allowing the Holy Spirit to temper us, control us, and flow through us as we carry out our daily lives---even when no one is watching.
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  17. Do you think that the Holy Spirit really controls us or is it surrender on our part?
  18. Holy Spirit is hindered in us when we do not surrender! What a wonderful thing it is to witness a fellow believer who is fully yielded to His control! It blesses me and gives me such hope.
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  19. Thanks for letting me clarify my thoughts, and not getting mad.
    Blessings to you sister Euphemia! You are fully loved!
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  20. Why would I get mad about such questions? You are not the kind who would play such games! I just hope I have helped in any way. You are also appreciated and loved!

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