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  1. This is an oft repeated phrase in the bible, so I know it is God's will. David came home one day to discover that war had come to his house and taken everything. His own followers wanted to kill him because they had lost everything too. Did David lose hope and die? No, for the Lord was his shepherd. He strengthened himself in the Lord and with only 200 men he chased down the marauding army and defeated them. Not only did he get back his wives and possession, he gained much spoil. He turned absolute defeat, into absolute victory and sent gifts to his friends, who helped him become King at the appointed time.
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  3. I am a big fan of Corrie Ten Boom.
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  4. I'll keep my eyes open for it!
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    Is the name of the book "A Hiding Place"? I think I read it years ago.
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  6. "The Hiding Place" by Corrie ten Boom, yes. There is a thread link above to discuss it if you wish so we don't hijack adonaicle's thread. :)
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    Oh, I don't mind hijacking or committing plagiarism. That's why I quote the Bible!
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  8. Yes, I believe that the Bible from early on is a testimony of God's faithfulness (If He be for us who can be against us)...that if He is with us we can and should be without fear and of good courage whenever we are engaged in doing His will (Joshua 1, 2). When the church or even two or more of its members are acting in His will even the gates (authorities) of hell cannot stand against us.

    Some may ask, "then what is His will?" or "how can we know we are acting in His will?" That's where we have to trust His word to us...

    Thats why I am always proud to be a member of this family (even when we differ a little on this or that)....
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    The Church of the Lord Jesus is perfect, pure, and Holy: even as God looked upon Job and declared him "...none like him on
    the earth, a perfect and upright man, one that fears God and eschews evil?"
    There were a couple of things lacking in Job (self-
    righteousness and fear) that God wanted to perfect in Job. God used satan for that purpose, and to defeat satan with a man
    (who is the Lord Jesus Christ?). But God knew satan could be defeated with Job, because He saw the end of Job...just as God
    sees the end of the Church, "...without spot or wrinkle."
  10. Maranatha! Come quickly Lord Messiah...
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