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  1. Be Holy

    I have seen the above taught over and over and while the statement is true, not only is there a good deal more to the passage, there is a great deal more to God than just love. God hates sin (Proverbs 6:16-19) and that is an area that the, quote, unquote, Christian of today refuses to study. In 2 Timothy 2:15 we are taught that we are to put forth the effort to learn the Word of God for ourselves, we are to study to show ourselves approved. The modern day Christian, a.k.a. New Testament Christian, is being sold a bill of goods with no delivery due.

    The Bible Jesus taught from was and is the Old Testament and yet there are heretical teachers that teach people that all they need learn is the New Testament. I've said many times, the New testament is the best commentary ever written on the Bible but if you only read the commentary it is like reading a comic book version of Gone With the Wind instead of the Book. They are both correct but you can never get the details straight from either one of them. A failing grade on a book report is not fatal, a failure at Christianity is!

    Consider for a moment the fate of Jesus. Jesus had His beard snatched out by the handful, was blind-folded and beaten by soldiers with their fists, was crowned with a crown made of thorns that I'm taught were over an inch long and it was driven into the skull, he was given thirty-nine lashes with a Cat-o-Nine tails and then nailed to the cross with square nails. Jesus is the Son of God and yet the Father sent Him, knowing all these and more would be done to His Son. God the Father did not hate His own Son but there are seven things He does hate. If God will send His Son into this torture, to give you and I salvation, do you really believe He will wink at your unrepentant sin?

    I understand that people are hesitant to name any teachings heretical and God does not expect us to do that, He has done it for us and all we need do is to learn the scriptures. The big issue of the day is Homosexuality and the truth is that as long as they refuse to repent in this life, they will go to Hell for it. But that is such a convenient distraction! Satan must be tickled to no end with himself. Liars will also burn in Hell! Lying and sexual relations outside of marriage are the people's wine of today and
    Christians no longer are outraged by that behavior, God is though.

    In 1 Thessalonians 4:7 we learn that we have not been called out of the world to commit sin but that we have been called to live a holy life. Can a man or a woman do such a thing? Yes, but not by ourselves, we need the indwelling of the Holy Spirit for such a life. Holy, in one respect means to be set apart to God. In another scripture we learn we are to live holy because God is holy and while we might fail we are expected to get up and let God remove the dust of our failure and to begin anew.

    My prayer is that every person that will read this message, given to me by God, will repent and renew their effort to follow God. But whatever you do, read the Old Testament.
  2. I would say fornication is a big issue of today as well.
  3. I can't determine your approximate age for the lack of a photo and you seem not to have a profile on file but I was raised in this country when Hell Fire and Brimstone was preached and today it is not even alluded to for the chance of offending someone. Fornication holds no terror for today's teenagers. The school districts teach sex and handout condoms and then they teach our youth that homosexuality is an alternate lifestyle that is acceptable.

    You might have missed the point of my post.
  4. Not at all I get what your saying :)
    I am saying that fornication has brought about a moral decline which has done the things you just said above.
    Its as bad as homosexual acts.
    Abortion and so on, also brought about somewhat by fornication.
  5. Hi Bill, had some thoughts,

    1) According to my bible God is Love and truth must be spoken in Love and the only thing that matters is faith expressing itself through love . so anything else that is of God would be an extension of God's love, if God hates sin . it is because of what sin does to us .
    2) I have nothing to prove to God, He already knows my heart, who then should i go about proving myself to? in the multi-denominational atmosphere today . that would seem to be an exercise in people pleasing ( a sin ) . but in its original context i could see why that mattered back then .

    I believe the New Testament is more than just a commentary on the Old Testament . The bible is the whole book, not just the part you relate to .

    Sure . God hates "sin" but not the creation infected by sin .

    1) Okay .. yes .. all sin is sin . differentiating between one and another is missing the point about that which misses the mark .
    2) Yes .. people who still have sin in them after being resurrected .. will find themselves subject to the second death . the lake of fire .
    3) God hates the sin . and is really outraged at what we do to one another . another indicator of God's nature is in Romans that says all commandments are based on a premise of Love and the Love quality listed there is love does not harm their neighbour . good to keep in mind as time passes .

    If the righteous live by faith .. and Jesus Christ is "The LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS" as Jeremiah prophesied .. then what is Holiness ? i would suggest abiding in Him as He abides in us . since if we cannot be righteous except by Him living through us .. then Holiness is like the aging of wine . the longer one abides .. the more set apart for His purposes one becomes .

    But .. whatever you do .. follow Jesus .. and do what He says .
  6. Your opening statement says it all . And yes Christians today lack the understanding and reading of the Word cause they just want to sit in church and listen and say ...." Good for me , I went to church , now I can do whatever " THey do not want to dig for themselves but just want to listen to some one else and not find out if that person is telling the truth by checking in the Word themselves . They could be putting al kinds of wrong doctrine into their spirit and don't even know it .

    Mostly I am not happy the way you single out gays . They are people with deep , deep hurts and need not be singled out . They need a lot of prayer and unfortunately the church has put these dear people on the back burner and singled them out. I am sorry for that and they are in sin just like others . I am helping right now in that community and unless you go there and see for yourself .... these are lost souls and Jesus would be there right in the midst , loving them where they are at , and praying for them .
  7. You've gone amiss here. This is just like taking a scripture out of it's context. You can disassemble my post, the message God gave to me, and then you can run me down rabbit trails all day long... If I'm fool enough to allow it, but I'm an old dog and I'll just sit here until you get bored and come back to see if I'm still hungry.
  8. Are you saying your post is a divinely inspired message equal to scripture? my bible says to test everything . and that's what i do . the red marked sections were perceived as carnal conjecture . the black parts of your quotes were getting more to the point so i responded to them .

    I'm not sure what you want when you post stuff . did you want an actual response? well there . you have one . it is my opinion of what you wrote .. apologies if it wasn't one you liked .

    God bless .
  9. Bill, I have to agree with you. There should be more study of the Old Testament. It puts the New Testament in perspective and has such power in bringing us close to God. However, I do believe instruction in the OT could be much better. I will be putting an extensive OT study on the internet soon, but I keep revising it, hoping always to improve it. I hope it will be something unique to mastering these Scriptures.
  10. That's a rather silly assertion, almost childlike. How did you ever get that from my metaphor comparing you to a cotton-tail?
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