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  1. I was watching some historical documentary and they used BCE (Before the Common Era) instead of BC (Before Christ) and CE (Common Era) rather than AD (Ano Domini, Year of our Lord).

    Just another example of how the world is moving away from anything that relates to Jesus.

    I usually find that what they present is equally biased and if I do watch the show, I do so with a truckload of salt.
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  2. The secularization of words and expressions like that is supposed to be more inclusive of non-Christians, but to me, if B.C. always meant "Before Christ" then there is absolutely no reason to change it. That's one the Christians can claim as one of their own expressions and if the secular world doesn't like it, too bad. I agree. "BCE" is ridiculous and if I hear people use it I will call them out.
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  3. it even sounds silly.
  4. Control the peoples' language and you control the peoples' thoughts.
    Over the last century or so there has been a slow and constant shift in word usage
    and content in the common media and education.
    The "powers that be" are doing their level best to dumb down and secularize the masses.
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  5. it's sickening to me. I can't stand the way this world has become
  6. Wanna really tick folks off, put Year of Our Lord in caps in front of the year in the dates on all your paperwork.
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  7. Or type it out for them:
    BCE- Before Christ's Era
    CE- Christ's Era
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  8. And when are we going to come up with a new name for "marriage" since it has been hijacked and commandeered. Should we just call the real marriage "Holy marriage" and the other "Government endorsed marriage" or do we need another term altogether?
  9. Yeah' this world is going in a hand basket fast.
  10. Actually it's the law of the US government that any official certificate use the Year of Our Lord...but then many don't bother keeping the law of the land - like DOMA, border security, ID on airline flights, etc...
  11. To be fair... the "Common" era is simply the era from the birth of Christ until the Present. This has caused me to not be so concerned about whatever they want to call it, it's still marked by the Birth of Christ.

    As they did in the French Revolution, in renumbering the years, I would oppose that, but ushering in a new word for the same measurement doesn't phase me one bit. At the end of the day they're never going to convince the general population to recognize a new era.
  12. Yes, this drives the liberal professors nuts. I swear I can sometimes see the steam. Doesn't affect my grades though!
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  13. So you're religion needs to dominate the whole of creation, just because you say so?

    Did The King go around saying this is the year 33 after my birth?

    It was a human custom, not God's.

    So why cannot the humans change it?
  14. 1. It doesn't need to, God does it naturally.
    2. Jesus did say all needed to believe on Him for salvation.
    3. God likes when we honor Him.
    4. They can, but Christ is what western civilization is centered on, so why not honor that?
    Glad I could answer your questions.
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  15. I said no such thing.
  16. IMO, the use of CE and BCE is an inclusive dating acronym which is acceptable for transnational scientific and historical inquires. For religious and governmental correspondance I think the traditional BC and AD should be used. But I honestly don't care what people want to call it, we all know where the era began.
  17. Yes, I think everything should revolve around Christ! Can I get an amen? ;)
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  18. You'd be surprised how little people know when the world hides Christ from everything.
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  19. AMEN!
  20. +1

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