Battle for first post

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  1. Battle for first post

    Ok this is varry simple, you have to try to be the person with the first post on the page. So every one posts untill the new page comes around, and you wan to try and be the person to post first on the new page. Rules: You can only make one post, then some one else must post before you can make another post.

    you have to wait after your post you cant post again!, =) untill some posts after you, =)

    FiRsT pOsT, =)

    Scores will be posted here:

    Sylavnus 1
  2. This is pretty cool. I have never heard of this game before.
  3. So it all depends on what your forum setting is for a number of posts per page then.
  4. lol i guess so, might take 10 posts or 15 or 20 all depends this will be kinda fun tho we will never know whos gots the first post lol
  5. I dont care if i dont win. I have the 7th post. Its the best number to have. :p
  6. Oh ok I see. Well then the next person will have post number 10 and the person after that will be on another page.
  7. ohhhhhhhhhh kewl i never saw that till now, lol rofl woops i just fell of my chair i was laughing soooo hard :p :dance:
  8. How dare you post such ramblings before me :p
  9. woooohooo we gots us a first winner :p

    *looks around hmmm now i gots to gets first post next page*

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