Bathroom For Customers Only - True Story

Discussion in 'Humor' started by Whirlwind, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. Bathroom For Customers Only - True Story

    I just had to come back and post this because it's hilarious!

    I asked a friend of mine if he wanted something from the deli down the hill, and he said we drove there. I was buying, my treat. We were standing in line to order and my friend needed to use the restroom badly!:eek:

    He asked for the key and the lady behind the counter told him: "Our restrooms are for customers only!":mad:

    My friend said: "See, I was in here a couple of days ago and I bought $40 worth of stuff and I didn't use your restroom then. I saved it for now. So from what I figure, I have about 10 more free *potties* coming to me!":cool:

    People in line were laughing, and he got the key and ran off.:p
  2. very quick thinking :funnypost:
    and glad to see you weren't affected by the fire.
    I saw the post and wondered what had happened.
  3. awww, I needed that laugh thanks for posted that today:funnypost:
  4. That's great, thanks for that.
    It reminds me of the time I was leaving the country, and I went to the bank I had had an account with for years, and withdrew all the money and closed the account. Then I pulled out a bag of small change and asked to change it into notes, about $100 worth, and the cashier said the counting fee is 10%. I said what? 10%? that's a bit much just to tip it through the counting machine isn't it? And she said they charge 10%, unless I had an account with them, then it would be free. :cool:
  5. This reminds me of a similar situation at work a few weeks ago. Because the area we are in has a lot of transients and drug users, we keep the bathroom locked "for customers only". Well, a lady came in and wanted to use it, so one of the other guys there gave her the key. I asked why he was feeling so generous today. And he said, "Didn't you see her, she's beautiful!"...and went on to describe a few not-so-Christian thoughts about her.

    Well, I actually had to go in there a few minutes after they left, and with GREAT delight came out and exclaimed "Hey, that beautiful woman that you just drooled all over left the seat up." :eek:

  6. Oh no!!!!! :eek::eek::eek:
  7. Those are great, guys!!! Had me rolling in tears with laughter! It feels so good to laugh, what a wonderful blessing from God!:)

    Yeah, my friend is pretty smarty. Like my sister.

    One time she had to cash a check at the bank. Our tribes keep millions of dollars at a local bank, but the cashiers are rude to us. My sister walked in with her check and the lady tells her: "Do you have an account with us?"

    My sister said yeah, my tribes keep all our money there.

    "No, I mean do you personally have an account with us?":mad:

    "No, I don't."

    "Then that's going to be a five dollar check-cashing fee."

    My sister said, "Wait a tribe issued me this check with your logo on it. The account is with you. I'm cashing your own check here and you're charging me?"

    The lady blew air and my sister said to go ahead and cash it.

    "Mmmkay," the lady said. "I just need your thumb print right here." She pointed to the front of the check.

    My sister said: "Well, you see, I charge five dollars for my thumb print!"

    :p:p:p I was rolling by then. It's comical the way she talks out in public, I would never do that myself.;)

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