Baseball Season

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  1. Baseball Season

    Ah yes, finally, some baseball. Anyone here as pumped as I am for the season to start on Tuesday? How many fans we got up in here? Watching baseball is a great thing to do over the summer when things get dull. I'm going to have my pizza ordered, and get my fantasy draft online rolling all right around 3oclock on Tuesday. :cool:
  2. Yes , yes our season starts today with the opener in N. Y. Yay Blue Jays ..... Roy Haliday .... You rock.

  3. I love baseball. My wife and I try to make it to at least one Mariners game each year. If we didn't live six hours away we would probably buy season tickets.
  4. Even if you live in the city where they play the tickets are outragessly expensive. And I don't like sitting up in the so called "bleeder seats"
  5. Finally, some more fans get up in here. Well Dusty, your BJ's got rained out in New York. Double header tomorrow I guess. Fantastic start for my Mariners, and the Angels even lost too!! Good game, decent start for Bedard, but his only direction is up from here. It's expected that we take this series, so I'm glad we didn't figure out a way to screw up the beginning. The lineup could put together some better hits, but I'm glad we succeeded in those situations with big hits from Lopez and Ibanez.There are some things that I question. Why does McLaren stick the guy who had the worst batting average on the team last year in the 4 hole??? You have Ichiro batting first because he gets on base, Lopez 2nd because he works the count deep, and Ibanez because he hits for RBIs and good average. And then, the rally killer comes up. Hello???? Adrian Beltre for the 4 hole???

    But anyways, Dusty, you say the seats are too expensive? That's not at all so. It costs 20 dollars to sit in the first 5 rows of the 300 level right behind home plate. In my opinion, that is where one of the best views are. You gotta try it up there if you havn't. The only time the 300 level is bad is if you are too many rows up, or in the outfield portion of it. If you stay low and within the bases, you have a stellar view. $20 tix.
  6. I just remembered something. When I was a kid, my cousin and I were way up north at his cabin. Not much to do, so we were just taking turns pitching and hitting. While I was pitching to him, he hit the ball as well as anyone. Hit me right in the middle of the forehead. I went down fast.

    Maybe that’s why I don’t care much for baseball.

    Might answer some questions about my mental faculties as well. :D

  7. Hey Dean .... I had the same experience with golf. I was standing next to my friend when we were practicing and she swung around and hit me . I went down and she thought she had really hit the ball hard until she saw me on the ground.
  8. Hey BCheezy.... Yah I know and I hope I can see it on TV as yesterday it was not showing. I don't know anywhere , where there are $20 seats in the Rogers Center. It is very expensive but am going to try and find out . I usually have a cousin who comes from near Detroit and he has season tickets for the Tigers so he seems to get really good seats here. I have been to see the Tigers in Detroit several times.
  9. I didn't get to watch much of the game, Where do they have Sexson batting? He should be in the 4 hole.
  10. Ok Ok ....So the Blue Jays lost.the opener but then look who they were playing. Oh well it was a good game and very close.
  11. Yeah bummer, I had you guys taking that one. Halladay didn't bring his best stuff, he's had better days.

    Yeah, Sexson bats in the 4 spot, but... why??? He had 2 on and no out, swung at three pitches and missed them all, needless to say we didn't score that inning. He comes up again in the 8th inning with the bases loaded, 1 out. We are down 3-1. He works the count full at 3-2, swings, and misses at a pitch way outside that would have been ball 4 and scored us a huge run. We ended up getting the two runs anyway thanks to a hit and a wild pitch. I understand that he typically hits 30 home runs a season and drives in 100 RBIs, but that only happens once a week or so. He also let the ball go right off his glove late in the game for an error. If we're going to let him hold us back, why so high in the lineup. Put him next to Wilkerson, that way get get both of the worthless hitters in our lineup over with all in one inning.

    Also, we had a new record set in the spring training league last month by a guy name Michael Morse. He broke Edgar Martinez's record for batting avg at 489. He had 2 home runs and 8 or so RBIs. He plays both 1B and the outfield. I wish I could unsterstand why he hasn't gotten even one shot yet. He plays both Sexson's and Wilkerson's position, yet we havn't replaced either one of them yet. Man.. its gunna be a stressful season.
  12. Good evening Dusty.....CONGRATS on the win this evening....rubber match tomorrow

  13. Just got back from my first M's game of the year. Kinda lame game, but got to spend time chatting with my buddy. Was ticked off to hear JJ Putz being hurt for 15 days, but that's not the end of the world I guess. I predicted a high scoring game and two Mariner home runs. I was way off on the high scoring, but we did get two homers. Good game. Important thing is the win. Took two out of three. Gotta keep that up.
  14. Thanks Michael..... but it was close and I thought the Jays were going to blow it as they seem to start strong and then fold in the end. So we will see.

    So I take it your a yankee fan.

  15. Wow, so do you have season tickets.? I don't get the other games unless they are playing the Jays. I guess you all have the sport's channel. Two out of three is good. Congrats.
  16. The M's look like they are playing alright to start off with. Hopefully they can keep it together this year. I would like to see Morse in the game, as long as they don't pull Sexson to do it. Not sure why but I just like that guy. He's my favorite Mariner since Edgar left.
  17. Absolutely, born and grew up in the Bronx just 15 minutes from Yankee Stadium. I will be sorry to see the "House That Ruth Built" close down in October.
  18. And let us not forget the team in Queens who will debut a new stadium next year as well.
  19. Best of luck to the Mets this year...Pedro is not off to a healthy start!
  20. Yah Michael .... there are a lot of memories connected with that old stadium. I am sure a lot of people will be sorry to see it gone. Babe Ruth was an all time hero.

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