Baseball Player Nearly Impaled By Flying Bat

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Dusty, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. Wow! Thank God he didn't get hurt.
  2. Hey can be a dangerous game especially if you're the pitcher.
  3. Those new maple bats don't shatter the same way as the traditional ash. They tend to break in large, sharp pieces. It's a problem MLB needs to address.
  4. I know . I love baseball and people think there is no dangers there . But sometimes when I watch the pitcher and I see a ball coming at him at such speed I really do cringe. Just recently a pitcher put his bare hand out to catch a ball coming by and had to be taken out of the game . I can imagine that maybe something might have been broken as the ball comes with such force and some of the pitchers who pitch at over 95 miles an hour.
  5. That definitely is not a good career move!
  6. I agree, I think they need to switch to aluminum.

    (Can you imagine? That ball would come out of the batters box like a canonball!)
  7. I guess it was kind of like an automatic reaction and it came past him on his non- gloved side so without thinking and to try and stop it ..... Ouch .... what was he thinking ?
  8. I hope not. There's something so unsatisfying about the tink of a ball hit by an aluminum bat.

    I have trouble watching college games because of that.
  9. It is and is the reason pitching coaches and managers loose their hair.

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