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  1. I'm getting baptized Sunday!
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  2. Praise God! How awesome :)
  3. River or baptismal? They said that a whole species of fish died in the river the day I got baptized. :)
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  4. So pleased for you!
  5. Far out brother!!!! Git er dunnn. By doing this you are publicly announcing Jesus as Lord and savior. I'm happy for you brother and so is Jesus and all the Angels. yesssssssssssssssssssssssss

  6. It was last Sunday btw. I'll see if I can't maybe post it here, my dad hasn't emailed me the video yet.
  7. Here is a pretty sweet picture of my Baptism. Baptism.JPG
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  8. I was baptized in a horse was all that was brother James got baptized there as well right after me...I was 32 years old and he was 24...about a month after, my mom and then my wife were baptized (in the Church)...then her brother and my best friend William about two weeks later....then later still, a couple we know who came to church with us because we were going, and then one of my wife's best friends...His grace is truly amazing...when you came out of the water did you actually feel cleansed and new (and I do not mean physically)?
  9. I'm not sure if I did immediately, but I definitely started to be more outgoing at the church and worship.

    I had already been baptized by the Holy Spirit for a whole year, and God's spirit was very strong in me. The baptism of water was just an outward profession and testimony. It was to show that I was buried and risen with Christ.

    I do feel a lot better for doing it, but I don't think it gave me any more of the spirit than I already had. But who knows, it probably did help me. All I know is that believers in the New Testament were baptized in water, so I was, too.

    I think I did feel cleansed, but it wasn't overwhelming.
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  10. Thanks! Congratulations....God designed the process, Jesus commanded the Apostles to do it, they all were, all genuine believers were either before or after they received the Holy you are in that company of His followers. You did what He wanted done. I'm sure the devil is very mad though he did not have your soul anyway. He hates it when we announce and affirm Christ to the world.
  11. Amen. I'm really happy I was baptized.

    Hopefully it will turn up as one of the many fruits of my love for God in his book of remembrance.
  12. Always serve him. His Grace and power is seldom found among many, but there is power, Lots of it.

  13. When I was 11 I came unto a group of Christians called flum (forest lake urban mission). I didn't make it to baptism and have always regretted it since.
  14. You should do it...just to complete Christ's is God's way of consecration for all that He makes Holy (not saying it is regenerational. That's another debate)

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