Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Discussion in 'Holy Spirit Baptism and Living' started by Jeffin, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. Hello John

    Yes that's what I meant, but that's just my opinion. Most things about heaven none of us will know for sure until we get there.
  2. Excellent sharing Jeffin. I know exactly where you are coming from! I been there still doing that:smiley10:
    I agree with you that when you feel "gripped" or held onto and your heart feel very light it is the Holy spirit taking over. It is an awesome experience indeed.
    I have been slain by the Holy spirit a many times. When the Holy spirit indwells in me I also speak in tongues. I hear myself talking but don't know what I am saying. But the words are perfectly spoken. Only God knows what you are saying because each of us has a unique personal language...kind of like a dialect.
    :smiley20: very cool if ya ask me. I love it. I feel perfect everything at that state. Indescribable. I can see this post going on for a long time. :smiley40::smiley20: This is called "Up close and personal with God"

    Thanks for sharing and reminding me of my gift. God bless you jeffin
    Chili out.
  3. Thats great chili! I'm really glad you have been so blessed in this way.

    I love it too.
    I pray this thread continues forever LOL
  4. GodSpeaks

    I love the way you described the power of the Holy Spirit . I actually have not been slain but was standing at my seat and felt the power and had to sit down . It is awsome , that only God can give and no body can take way . Once you have felt His power , you hunger and thirst after more . It is the power of the Holy Spirit that all Christians need in this day . We need to feel his staying power and know He is Lord of our life.

    That is a wonderful way to describe the baptism of the Holy Spirit ....' Up close and personal " I love it because the Holy Spirit ministers personally to each individual . Wow .... Praise God . Hallelujah !!!!!
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  6. Definately! That's exactly what it is, up close and personal. I really like how you say that.
  7. I know that.... LOL ..... I guess because I was in my seat , I was a afraid of bumping my head and I know exactly what you are going to say , GodSpeaks .... so I will say it ... but God would never have allowed you to hurt yourself .
  8. Cool thread! when the Spirit of God saturates the air .. then i am at Home .

    I like How God weaves all of us into one mind and heart in the Spirit .

    lately i've been experiencing intense spiritual stuff outside of group atmospheres so its been rockin' and some of it goes into the intercessory realm . and i find this constant contact with His Spirit is changing me so much .. my imagination is exploding so often because the premise for my perspective of the world around me keeps changing from the inside .. but He doesn't .

    it's kinda cool and sometimes i feel like an octopus but hey sure is fun .

    Love bless .
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