Baptism in Jesus name?

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  1. Baptism in Jesus name?

    Jesus told the apostles to baptize in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
    Matthew 28:19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

    So why did the Apostles not use the ''trinitarian'' formula, but rather they baptized people in the name of the the Lord, or the name of Jesus or the name of the Lord Jesus Christ ect...?

    Acts 2:38 Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

    Acts 8:12 But when they believed Philip preaching the things concerning the kingdom of God, and in the name of Jesus Christ, they were baptized, both men and women.

    Acts 8 :16 For as yet he was fallen upon none of them: only they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.

    Acts 10:48 And he commanded them to be baptized in the name of the Lord. Then prayed they him to tarry certain days.

    Acts 19:5 When they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.

    Jesus told them to baptize a certain way, and it seems (according to today's understanding) they didn't obey. So did the apostles purposely baptize people incorrectly or is there more to it than meets the eye?
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    What about this one Godspeaks?
  3. One need only to be Baptised in the name Of The Lord Jesus because in Him the fullness of the Godhead dwells bodily (Col 9:2) The apostles were not disobedient, these men spoke under the anointing of The Holy Spirit.
  4. Very good answer .

    Acts 2:38

    38Peter replied, "Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

    Peter is speaking about the baptism of the Holy Spirit in this passage and it is all explained in the threads on the Holy Spirit . When we accept Jesus Christ as our Saviour we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and when we seek further we can receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit . Most of Acts is about receiving the Holy Spirit.
  5. To be baptized in the name of Jesus is to be baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, for in Jesus is the fulness of God (Co. 9.2) as HeisallIneed noted. Furthermore, it's not the formula of words that are spoken, but the attitude of the person's heart that makes baptism effective.

    Baptism is a powerful sacrament, a means of grace, a means of embracing the forgiveness of our sins, a means of making a fresh start, a means of expressing one's faith in Christ publicly, a means of bringing a little of what we have in heaven in the eternal to earth here and now, hallelujah!
  6. Actually, Dusty, Acts 2.38 speaks of water baptism. Water baptism helps people recieve God's forgiveness of their sins. It is a powerful means of grace. Water baptism is an act of faith that is also, according to Acts 2.38, meant to help us recieve the baptism with, gift of, the Holy Spirit. You are correct though in that a significant theme of Luke in Acts is the receiving of the Holy Spirit and Her work through the Apostles and other believers!

  7. I agree
  8. I agree
  9. Hi Sherman ...

    I suppose each one sees this verse in a different perspective and I respect your views .

    I am just saying that there is a difference between water baptism and Baptism of the Holy Ghost . Yes , we need to be water baptized , although it is not a requirement for salvation . Water baptism is not a cleansing of our sins .... Jesus cleanses us from our sins.

    Hebrews 10:22
    let us draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water.

    Water baptism follows after we have accepted the Lord as our Saviour and it an outward sign to the world that we desire to follow Jesus wholeheartedly .

    The Baptism of the Holy Ghost is another level of our walk with the Lord.
  10. Beautiful way of expressing ... thanks . That is exactly what water baptism represents.
  11. I believe the apostles understood something most of us don't, and that is that the Father, Son, and holy Spirit have only one singular name, and that name is Jesus. So by baptizing people in the name of Jesus, they were indeed fulfilling Matthew 28:19
  12. Correct :)
    Lord - Jesus - Christ = Father - Son - Holy Spirit

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