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  1. I'm going to be Baptized on the 26th and I'm nervous. I'm the only one getting Baptized so that's even more nerve-racking. My Testimony is already made... I've never done one before so I have no idea what to expect. I spent a good few hours thinking, writing and re-writing - writing about something Spiritual is very hard.
    Maybe I'm just worrying over nothing, I don't know. I would really like some feed-back on my Testimony, what I'm looking for is if it makes sense to everyone else and not just myself.

    My Testimony

    Ever since I was a kid, I've always believed someone was watching over me, guiding me. Though I didn't know who this person was, mom talked about Him a lot and we prayed every night before bed. One morning I drew Him a picture. I threw it up as high as I could to give it to Him, but it just floated down to the floor. I asked mom why He wouldn't take the picture I drew for Him. Mom tried to explain to me that He isn't from this world. It was like she was speaking a different language I did not understand. The only way my little mind could comprehend to what she just told me was to think of Him as a man with magic powers; mom called Him God.

    Going to church most of my life, I didn't understand much of anything I was being taught. History was not my favorite subject, it bored me. I could be seen as one of those people who didn't get enough sleep before the Sermon. The Bibles made for teens were hard to keep reading. I only read the true stories or testimonies from other teens, but I didn't much learn from that either. My eyes were closed and the only thing I could see was the world around me; I was spiritually blind and yet there He was again in my consciousness, tugging at my heart.

    Questions arose and I looked for answers in all the wrong places. Disappointment and discouragement took place – my trust in Him was lost. I felt the strong need to be in control of my life, but I never lost faith. Even though I blamed Him for leaving me, I never said with my mouth or mind that I didn't believe in Him. I knew if I said it that I'd be lying to myself and denying I felt His presence, so I continued my childish tantrum for years until finally, I gave into Him when I was at my lowest; unable to get myself out of a hole I stupidly dug for myself. In this hole, I was left to think about my actions. For a long time I thought I had to be strong for God or He'd never accept me. Truth is, He'll always love me for me and that I needed Him. The way I thought was backwards. He didn't need me, but I needed Him. And then He lifted the veil so I could see with new eyes.

    Since then, I have been reading at least one chapter a day from the Bible, sometimes more, and trying to live the way He wants me to. Throughout my life, I have felt God's Love and each time it felt the same. The closest I can describe it is that it feels like paradise. An overpowering feeling that overrides the hate and disdain we sometimes feel in our hearts. Truly, He is real and He will never leave us, even when we can't feel His presence during turmoil, that is when He is even closer.
  2. Christine, I really enjoyed reading your testimony. It is very well written and I can see you took a lot of time and thought over this. It was so wonderful to hear of God's hand in some one from such a young age.

    If I am understanding you correctly, you are saying that in your early years, you believed in God, but you didn't know Jesus.... if that is the case then I think you should state that.

    You say " I finally gave in to Him " Again if my understanding is correct then that is when you realised your need of Jesus in your life.....again I think you should state that.

    The reason I feel you should make these points clear is because some listening to your testimony may not be christians and may not know the ultimate part that Jesus plays in God's love for mankind .

    I will pray the the Holy Spirit will use your testimony to help others as I believe many will be able to relate to it. Well done Christine, it is a lovely testimony straight from the heart.
  3. Love it!
  4. Thank you Vision1! :D Thanks for reading Seneca :)
    I'm gonna make those important changes now. Thanks a lot for your input, much appreciated! :p
  5. I really liked the bit about your drawing the picture for God when you were a little girl, that made me smile. The paper may have floated to the floor, but the gift of the heart went straight to God's heart.
  6. Beautiful Christine :)
  7. Thank you everyone for your support! :)
    Lately I've been feeling tempted to sin and sometimes I do it without even thinking and realize that I sinned after the fact. I have a sister and a friend that swears a LOT. Please pray that I don't become a child of the world. :eek:
    I know that it's not possible for me to be exactly like Jesus, but I still certainly try, and it's all I can do. [​IMG]
  8. Wow, that's beautiful!
  9. I got baptized today! The water was freezing cold and I just wanted to be out of there :oops:Despite the cold, it was a good time :) I got my friend and her daughter to come as well. I hope I can keep them coming to church. I know her daughter loved Sunday School so I hope she will keep her mom motivated!
  10. Praise to God, and Jesus Christ. A great day for you here and those in heaven.

  11. :) Didn't they heat the water up first? What a shock!!!! Hope your testimony went well.
  12. Thanks! :D
    Yeah, they did heat it up but they took it out too early. It's surprising how fast water cools :eek:
  13. Around here, we get dunked in the river. It's always cold!
  14. Brrrrr!!! There's a river here too, but I'm thankful we don't go there! Too many little whirlpools to suck you in. :eek:

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