Baking Soda shrinks tumors

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  1. Before anyone says anything more, we need to note: No one here is giving medical advice! These are just personal opinions and online sources of varying credibility. Each person is responsible for seeking their own qualified health care.

    I think it important to state this because there is a lot of false and misleading information on the WWW.
  2. Now, about baking soda and other home remedies. A lot of what some might consider "old wives tales" actually have medicinal value. People used these treatments before many of the modern day treatments were developed....and in some cases, doctors are returning to some old-time remedies because they actually work better, without the harmful side effects of chemical and drugs treatments.
  3. I second that!! :)

    Thanks Ginger!
  4. My mom used vinegar and baking soda to disolve kidney stones - as a preventative treatment. I really don't know how she could stand to drink it!!!!!!
  5. I bought a bottle of bragg's apple cider vinegar with honey and it sat for weeks in the fridge. I finally drank it when I got sick (respiratory). I'm gonna buy some more when my store has the gallon jugs in stock. I read that it has tons of health benefits.

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