Bad Pastors On Dr Phill, And Anderson Live

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  1. Whats going on?
    My roommate watches DR phill, and anderson live, in one day you have a pastor accused of leading a cult on dr phill, the woman leaves her husband, and has another kid because she says god told her to, and the pastor is accused of planning on blowing up other churches.

    Then on Anderson live they have a pastor who was spying on people with cameras in the bathroom.

    What in the blue blazes is going on???
  2. Sin and degradation...

    It's a setup?

    It is a plot to discredit Christians publicly and to bring them into disrepute?

    It's a sign of the times in which we now live...
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  3. I don't think either was a setup...
  4. I haven't watched Anderson (Anderson Cooper, I presume?), though I have seen some of Dr. Phil. I know that if someone I cared about had an issue, I would never send them to Dr. Phil.

    It's show biz, basically. An honest analysis of an issue doesn't draw as big of an audience, doesn't inflame their passions as much. A genuine counseling or therapy session with an "average" client tends to the boring side. As far as I am concerned, Dr. Phil is just another iteration of Jerry Springer. I don't know about Anderson Cooper, since I have only seen a snippet or two of him. He may have a bias, he may be misinformed, he may have an agenda, I don't know. What I do know is that a show about a pastor who is faithful in his duties and his life doesn't make for exciting entertainment. The nutjobs do. And there are nutjobs everywhere and we must not see them as a reflection on Christianity. The institution of marriage is a beautiful thing, unless you watch a lot of daytime television and take that as representative of marriage. Same with the other topics presented on those shows. Show biz relies on sensationalism, and that's what's going on here.
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  5. Amen to everything you said.

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