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Bad Choice

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by pastor franszwa, May 24, 2013.


    What the Churches don't want you to know


    Suppressed truths you need to know but don't read or hear at church.

    Have you ever heard a minister say that God’s warning in
    Leviticus 19:28
    not to tattoo or (brand your self ) with the mark of the BEAST. Be honest—of course not! God has reserve it for the mark of the BEAST . Revelation 16:2 and 19:2 and 19:20

    True Christian doctrine with Bible references and convincing proof. This will blow your mind and could be the most important info you will ever read. Solutions to save you much more time than this will take to read.

    [Tattoo or Graffiti ] is getting wide spread “temple” smearing.....

    Leviticus 19:28 do not tattoo your self.
    1 Corinthians 6:15

    Do you not know that

    your bodies are members of Christ himself.

    1 Corinthians 3:16-19

    Don't you know that

    you yourselves are God's temple and that God's

    Spirit lives in you? If anyone destroys [any which way]

    God's temple, God will destroy him; for God's temple

    is sacred, and you are that temple.
    1 Corinthians 6:19-20

    Therefore Honor GOD with your body
    Romans 8:8-11

    Ephesians 5:6

    Let no one deceive you with empty words,

    for because of such things [ Remember]
    Matthew 5:19

    God's wrath comes on those who are disobedient
    Hebrews 10:26
    For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more a sacrifice for sins,

    When anyone turns a deaf ear to the word of God, God will ‘give up’ on him and allow the devil to control his life

    Make no mistake about this: You can never make a fool out of God.

    Not only will you need this information for yourself, but you will want to share this with others .
    So than, let no Preacher, Minister , Pastor , Church or anybody tell you any different.


  2. Does this mean I cant get any kind of tattoo? o.o
    because its a little too late, I have an unfinished tatoo I was thinking of turning into a cross or something.
  3. Pastor..........What denomination do you belong to?

    To answer your question about tattos....YES. I have heard many semons siad against the practice because it is a sigh of slavery and man through Christ is not a slave to sin.

    BUT..........a tatto will not keep a man from heaven. The only thing that keeps a man from heaven is unbelief.
  4. Pastor: I don't care what denomination you are, I only care whether you teach the Bible in purity or through "rose colored glasses" of any man-made program.

    I see in the Word that tattooing was a pagan worship practice, not a "I'm a cool dude!" practice. So were certain hair cuts, clothes and jewelry.

    How far do you take the "body as a temple" idea? Do you smoke, drink, are fat, unhealthy, and full of chemicals?

    Is it just tattoos you are preaching about or more?
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  5. Okay, but what about the fact that in Leviticus 19 it also says about men not trimming the corners of their beards? (It does also say about cutting 'for the dead'; in other words, the context was pagan necromancy.)

    I'm not necessarily arguing for tattoos in themselves, but how many preachers that may choose to use Leviticus 19:28 are men that also shave? anyway, the New Testament believer isn't under the law, but under grace.

    (There's also another thread talking about this, so maybe I won't repeat myself too much.)

  6. It comes up a lot. Try being a pastor with tattoos in a denomination that used to forbid even wearing wedding rings. I'm shocked I've never been asked to wear long sleeves.
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  7. Banarenth: Well, I'm sure you have your Scripture references to hand, when it does come up.

    Re. rings: don't worry: the wives (especially) of the folk that might have claimed they didn't like wedding rings have now probably gotten rings in their ears.

  8. My tattoos are mostly a product of my past. I have no plans on getting new ones mostly because I can't justify any Godly reason to do so and do not wish to encourage the practice in someone who might be led astray by following my example. Though, I have wondered a few times what my church would say if I decided to get a new one. I've always wanted one of the IXOYE fishies.
  9. Banarenth:

    I guess the issue is, really, would the benefits and blessings of the probably many conversations spurred by an ICHTHUS fish tattoo, outweigh the objections of professedly Christian folk who didn't like it. On the one hand, we shouldn't deliberately offend our brethren, on the other, we can't continually keep letting other people's claimed conscientious objections to things we do become the norm for our own consciences, especially if the motive is God honoring.

  10. The IXOYE Fishie would make it so I don't have to draw the thing so often for illustrations. I don't really see where anyone is likely to be converted because of a new tattoo, and I openly admit, my reasons are mostly self-motivated. As such, I don't do it, and do not anticipate a change of heart on that.
  11. tjon:

    So do you subscribe to the notion that the look of an unfinished tattoo is more God honoring, than a completed one that aims to honor God? :)

    You must know, anyway; it's a highly individual thing.

  12. Banarenth:

    You must know your thoughts, anyway.

    I guess I come at the matter not because of any inherent value in it but from the sheer pragmatic fact that many Christians do find that they lead to many witness conversations. Like, the initial conversation isn't the final result: it's simply an excellent and contemporary lead-in.

    God Himself does the converting. A tattoo sure won't. But there is a sense in which we might ask: can we discount a faith based design or tattooed reference becoming one of many links in a chain that leads to blessing?

    Only you can answer this for yourself, anyway.

  13. It is a personal decision that we each make. In a vegetarian home, I would not insist on eating meat even if I felt it was profitable. Basically, I do not seek a new tattoo for much the same reason, though I'm fairly certain that I would probably finish a tattoo if it was incomplete. Imagine being saved and having a satanic tattoo and then someone tells you that you can never cover that up with a new one because it's better to have "I love Satan" on your arm than a picture of a cross.

    The reality is that there is no reason to make it a legalistic issue. It's easy to turn things legalistic, yet rarely is it ever profitable to anyone. I feel no conviction to either do it or not do it. My decision is more about not causing offense.
  14. Banarenth:

    I can see your reasoning; I guess you are weighing whether appeasing folk, who may never be satisfied with your appearance, is a stronger reason for you than, as 'a marked man' already, getting an extra, ready made means of initiating conversations potentially resulting in blessing. (Or maybe I'm being unfair.)

  15. It works both ways Farouk. The tattoos do open up some doors for me, but it also closes others. More tattoos really seems to have the potential to close more doors than they open. Either way, I always ask myself about the example I'm setting. While it may or may not be right or wrong to have tattoos for some people, the question I ask as a pastor is pretty simple. Should everyone follow my example? The answer is no, not every Christian should get a tattoo, so I choose to forgo additional tattoos. Besides, I really do have enough to make me happy, and make whatever statement I need to make.
  16. I find we have a tendency to look at things in a human perspective rather than a God perspective when it comes to our own covetous sin.

    Tattoos is the same kind of argument that I have heard from women about 'playing sports' or any other "equality" issue. And you get the wrong question asked like: 'Where does it say women can't play sports' -or- 'Where does it say that women can't wear pants designed for women?'

    These are the wrong questions. 'We should ask -how does this directly glorify God?' If it does not-then you shouldn't be doing it. If it causes contention in the 'Body of Christ' AKA: the Church-then you shouldn't be doing it. No matter what the issue is.

    Promoting ones 'self' agenda is rebellion to God no matter the issue. If it doesn't glorify Him-don't do it....

    I can't stand it when athletes and 'artists' "thank God" for doing something ungodly and making millions at it-How's their tithing record? Probably non-existent. Do they even know the name of the Pastor of the Church the may claim to attend? doubt it....
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  17. Are you linking this topic with the notion that the vast majority of Godly Christian women in North America, who wear pants, shouldn't wear pants and therefore this supposedly proves that Christians shouldn't get tattoos, either?

    Romans 14 emphasizes the Godward side of things; if believers personally prefer or personally disallow secondary matters, then it is to the Lord that we prefer or disallow them. See Romans 14:22

    (BTW: There are two undeniable facts: firstly that Christians with faith based tattoos, whatever individuals think of them, find them of great benefit in getting into conversations with people. This is not necessarily an irrefutable argument for them, but it's what I take to be an unassailable background fact. Secondarily, statistics apparently show that 59% of tattoo parlor clients in North America are women; some areas report nearer 70% women. Again, it's not necessarily an irrefutable argument for them. But these background facts seem unassailable.)

  18. You don't have to sell it to me...I'll stick to being an old fashioned prude staying with the Word seeking His holiness rather than what I 'think' is okay under the blanket of religion.

    Seek the answer from the Holy Spirit. God bless friend.
  19. Again, the Spirit-inspired Romans 14.22 is a guide to our personal preferences; my vision of how the holiness of God is applied might be slightly different from another believer's in secondary areas; this is only to be expected. What is not to be expected is that one person's vision for secondary areas should supposedly become normative for all Christians everywhere especially if the Word of God itself is not explicit.

  20. Alright guys, play nice.

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