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  1. Backmasking

    Now im sure we have all heard of it. Its where you play a song backwards and it is possible to hear a "satanic message", or something subliminal.

    Now do you think its the work of the devil incarnate or is it fake?
  2. Fake. People edit the songs.
  3. Fake: When I saw it demonstrated, I noticed that when it came to the part of showing the evidence, the finger speed throughout the part was never consistent. It was slowed down to create a sound like one word and then slightly sped up to create the next word. To me, it was unintelligible.

    Or one song was turned at one speed to get the message while another song was turned at another speed.

    I believe that it was just another pragmatic scare tactic to scare people to become Christians instead of witnessing to them and preaching the gospel to them.

    how come they do not backwards mask CD's and play them backwards? Because they can not manually controlled the speed when compared to a finger on a free-floating turntable.
  4. I think it's a HUGE stretch of the imagination. People listening way too hard to something that was only ever intended to entertain.
  5. For 35 years, I was in communications engineering as well as being in law enforcement, during roughly the same general time period. I can tell you from first hand experience that any knowledgeable sound engineer can digitally manipulate a master recording so reverse masking produces the desired effect without significantly changing the forward mode component of the original. Any digital changes in forward are so miniscule that the human ear can not detect the change. But the effect in reverse mode produces a "Satanic Message" or any other desired effect and these are all man made - not the product of some 'unseen force in the universe'. However, the intent of the one manipulating the recordings should be called into question regarding agenda and purpose!!
  6. I've seen the scientific data suggesting what subliminal messages can do, and there really is no basis to believe it can actually affect a person in any real way. While It's conceivable that a band would hide some reverse-mask messages into a song, your brain, even on a subconscious level, doesn't interpret it. Petra intentionally backmasked a Bible verse into their song Judas' Kiss.

    So, my conclusion would be that it's either an intentional "joke" that you could consider harmless, or something completly randomly coincidental. Forms of subliminal advertising that IS real would be to alter the volume slightly on a specific commercial or product, or adjust the lighting in the room to make something particularly appealing. Won't make you act differently, but it can trick you into seeing something as better than it really is.
  7. I know it's not back masking But In one christian cd I have we can clearly her Follow me, Follow me through out the song. It is very faint in the back ground. but I also have really high end expansive audio equiptment in my home and car so I don't know if it is aduiable in normal type listening enviorments.
  8. My Chemical Romance did the same thing with a song about a friend that committed suicide, though I think the song is more about a fictional friend that fictionally committed suicide. Throughout the background, you can just faintly hear "don't do it" repeated over and over again.

    Stuff like that are obviously planned out pretty well, and if done right, place a kinda Easter Egg into a song.
  9. Cannibal Corpse also put the Lords Prayer in a song... made it sooooo eerie! I was freaked out, and i cant listen to it. A little girls voice is saying it so it terrifies me lol

    What do you guys would make them do these things if you think its false?
  10. Well, a lot of stuff done in music, particularly rock and metal, is just to be different, or simply bacause you "can". I know I always try everything I can possible imagine to every song I play before I settle on something the I really like. If I came up with something really poinient, I could see placing some type of "easter egg" in a song just to see how many people find it. And fans of the bands usually LOVE any little thing that they find that they didn't notice before.
  11. Most secular music has enough spiritual rat poison in it when played forward :rolleyes:
  12. yes if you listen to that umbella song ,mutton dressed as lamb.break everything down .satanic.
  13. I think it is real. My mom used to own a Beatles record and if you played it backwards you could hear this really creepy version of the "#9" song that made no sense when played the right way round. Also, some cds have things like that, like hidden tracks. Marilyn Manson and some bands like that have them anyway.
  14. we have such a good opportunity now to share knowledge.lets hope its for good.

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