Baby Talk Explained

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  1. Baby Talk Explained

    Baby Talk Explained

    Researchers and language-experts at the National Baby Speech School have finally deciphered the mystery of "baby talk" that has baffled millions of human beings worldwide.

    Using specialized computers and children under 5-years-old, they have come up with a few basic and very universal words known throughout society, such as "bathroom", "food", "be quiet", and others.

    Here is an example:

    Bahahkalaha - "I said I wanted a bottle, not a diaper!"
    Hkshjahjahjahjallay - "Man, my aunt is a strange one, isn't she?"
    Jlalahkaeyjagalmn - "Leave me alone - I'm sleeping."
    Boboyaoaloahwq - "Drop the bottle and no one gets hurt!"
    Ilahbgejqjalaippanz - "Please, tell the senior citizens not to pull on my cheeks. No offense to the oldies but..."
    Ulajahjhaknpolaol - "Life is precious, so don't waste it complaining."

    Further updates to come. Please visit the Baby Speech School's website (link is not real) at http://...babyschool (dot) org.

  2. [​IMG] always wondered what my daughter was saying as a baby.....just as well I didn't understand her babble

  3. lol. Thanks near, I'll have to study it. :p I don't really need this though, my nephew's 2, but he talks like a 5 or 6 y/o. Seriously he's 2 years and 4 months but holds up very intelligent conversations for even a 5 year old. Yesterday we're tearing apart the partridges that we got, we say Taylor, look. and he says "That's interesting, but I'll just play hockey while I watch you." He has an incrdible memory too.

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