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  1. I know I should stop going to Youtube and this is long but boy this guy covers everything. Noah - dinosaurs - quantum physics, mega structures. If you have time watch a part.

  2. Three hours!! Wow! I bet he covers it all... bed it just 2 hours away... maybe tomorrow...
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    ill watch for a while

    Wow looks interesting so far...thanks
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  4. I wasn't sure I was going to watch it all either. But he covers so much, so well, IMO. Initially, I thought he would drop points, like Noah entirely, but he really always picks it back up. Probably, the most interesting to me, was at the end when he brought up Ham seeing Noah "uncovered" and then dropped it. At the end he connects Adam & Eve's nakedness in the garden - saying God had clothed them with garments He made for them. That Adam passed down these coverings with blessings to Noah. I'd never put this together before.
    Thanks to those who have patience for me. 3 and 1/2 hrs!!!!
  5. just finished it..I think its an amazing work..and the man has clearly done his studies. Thanks again! :)
  6. Anything surprise you, Mitspa? I kept thinking of all the threads I had been on that had directly to do with this material.
  7. Well I thought much of this video was in line with much of my own studies and beliefs...but I must admit when I track this guys story down to his relationship with certain unnamed tv preachers, I was surprised to find the truth of what the Spirit had been telling me for years. What wicked men are willing to do in the Name of God, is just amazing. Funny thing is that I believe the enemy makes this deal with many preachers and many are drawn into these evil things.. By the grace of God alone can any man stand against the wiles and temptations of the wicked one... May Gods grace be with us all.
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  8. I found much agreement with what this man was saying, some of it only recently - the Noah uncovered thing, I had not connected before. If you are speaking to Trey's stealing from a TV pastor (money - not words, altho I haven't read the book) I'm assuming he got caught and came to God's side after. I think the theft was connected to a pastor under Benny Hinn. We are in agreement about false preachers. But I'm not clear - are you saying this guy, Trey, is wrong?
  9. Well I agree with much of his thoughts on this video...and glad he exposed this crook on tv... I don't know about his own spiritual condition, but clearly what he uncovered about this Murdock fellow is true and needs to be shared with all who would listen.
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  10. I'll have to check this out!
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  11. Well I have watched a few other of Trey (can't remember the last name at the moment) and liked what he had to say so I subscribed - this video is his latest - and I'm guessing it may have something to do with the Noah film that's just out on dvd (and is now on youtube for viewing - at the end of the video - it is 2nd down on your left with pic of Russell Crowe). Now that film goes way off the biblical grid, IMO. In that film, a snakeskin is handed down from Adam to Noah!
    Murdoch the new translations of the bible publisher?
  12. I watched some other films. The Noah film was a little scattered and hard to follow, It watches like a really long trailer. Thought provoking stuff for sure.
  13. I know what you mean. But he always goes back to the point eventually.
  14. He uses the book of Enoch as a reference a lot. Can it be trusted? Why is it not in the Bible?
  15. The man gesticulates to the screen far too much to be taken seriously.

    And that is three hours that I would miss greatly.
  16. The book of Enoch is a whole other subject and altho it is not now canon, it has been both in Jewish and Christian canon. I think parts of Enoch have been "messed" with but Enoch has been referred to both in the OT and New. It was also found with the dead sea scrolls. I just got 4 dvd's on Enoch and I'm about half way thru. It's outside canon tho and used in the video just to emphasize the fallen angels and nephilim and their past attempts to mess with God's plan and humankind's dna.

    Yes he does move his hands around - but also to point things out on his screen.
  17. The ONLY answer I've been able to find is that it wasn't written by one person and that it was radically different than any other book. At the same time, Peter and Jude both quote from it and was was found in the Dead Sea scrolls in Aramaic with fragments also in Greek and Latin and wasn't actually "discovered" until the early 1800's when a missionary returned from Ethiopia with it. Something like that... If I had to choose one, I'd go with Jasher before Enoch as being part of the cannon, but then how we "really" got the books we do is a mystery because no one of real authority stated the number of books but developed over time - so say Wikipedia. Some claim that the Book of Jasher that is free online is a forgery, so who really knows. If you do a word study of all the books mentioned in the accepted scriptures, there are seven that are not included in what's published today. Always ask the Lord.
  18. Then David composed a funeral song for Saul and Jonathan, and he commanded that it be taught to the people of Judah. It is known as the Song of the Bow, and it is recorded in The Book of Jashar. (‭2 Samuel‬ ‭1‬:‭17-18‬ NLT)

    So the sun stood still and the moon stayed in place until the nation of Israel had defeated its enemies. Is this event not recorded in The Book of Jashar? The sun stayed in the middle of the sky, and it did not set as on a normal day. (‭Joshua‬ ‭10‬:‭13‬ NLT)

    I started the book of Jasher, there is a different spelling, but I was compelled to stop. I'm curious about it being a forgery as well.
  19. Don't stop on my account... as with anything, even the accepted word of God, you must filter it through the Holy Spirit. He'll never let you down concerning the truth. :D
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  20. The Holy Spirit made it clear to stop. Curiosity killed the cat, I didn't push it with Him.
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