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  1. Explain your avatars here, and why you chose them. :)
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  2. Could you be specific in 'avatar' so i don't have to get the dictionary?
  3. Avatar is the little picture by your name. Right now yours is a question mark.
  4. Oh.Excuse me i was way off thinking something completely different. I am using mobile and think i'm pretty limited here, thanks though
  5. Mines just me holding Willy Weasel, our pet ferret.
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  6. This site allows you to upload an Avatar (picture) into your profile. If your mobil can do that or store a pic on your mobil and upload it. Might just work with windows only though. The site should have some you can look through, might be better than the question Mark.

    have fun.

    My Daughter would love one of those. They like socks, right?
  7. Does your avatar have something to do with star trek?
  8. yes, it's the Enterprise E Sovereign class.

    Enterprise E.jpg
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  9. Could you explain yours. Are you wearing headphones?
  10. A jacket's fun. Put it on the floor, send her down one sleeve and hold the jacket so the only exit is the other sleeve. She'll wriggle her way out and usually do a triumphant war dance when she emerges.
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  11. Yea that's a good question, whats up WITM, it looks like a flower in front of a guy wearing a gas mask.:LOL:
  12. That's me with the rose and the mask. I was working on my compositions and story telling through photography.
  13. Im not very deep, mybe you would explain further? Not making fun, just a little curious?
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  14. Are you sure you're not making fun?

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  15. My new avatar is just a friendly bear.

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  16. Mine is just a picture of me taken at Niagara Falls
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  17. Bears are mean, I bet this one is just acting nice to draw us all into some kind of trap:cautious:
  18. That's bear discrimination. What about panda bears?
  19. Pandas are the worst and Smoky joined the Communist party and is a tree-hugger

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