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  1. Avatar Sizer

    You can download a free, cool and extremely easy
    to use 'Avatar Sizer' program.

    Brother Joe Russo one of the Moderators on this site told me about it
    in a e mail.

    It will re-size any picture with bmp.,jpg, jpeg. extensions for your personal 'Avatar' for forums like CFS.!

    I made my photo 'Avatar' you see from the program.

    Get it from this 'link' http://www.jql.co.uk/avatarsizer.htm

    Peace Be Unto You All,

    Sean Castle
  2. [​IMG]

    Thanks Sean. :D I like using photoshop, which to me is one of the best picture editors available. Infact, this site was partly designed using photoshop. A beginner might not find it really easy to use.

    God bless you.
  3. Photoshop is the bomb of photo editors... there's Gimp for those that don't want to fork out $200 (or is it less?) for the program. I remember using Photoshop though, on a Mac... it was easier because everything is pretty much automated (you can probably program macros and automation in Gimp, it's just a little more touchier and harder to do).
  4. I use Adobe Photoshop also~
  5. Violet, I could see that from your posts. I am not a pro at it but its fun. :D
  6. I do my resizing with windows power tools .
  7. Jeff, I am no pro either but it is fun and I just taught myself by playing around with it.

    I've got alot to learn still!

  8. Thats how I learnt it too. :D

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