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  1. I have assembled a new avatar, and thought I would take a moment to discuss the things I considered and of which I wanted to remind myself through their use.

    Most prominent is the Cross. Everything revolves around that singular event. The Son existed before creation, was instrumental in that creation, and everything exists through Him. But the central point of the existence of the Son is that he became one of us and bore our iniquity to restore our fellowship.

    Then I have symbols for God’s word and prayer. Reading, meditating and praying are how we become stronger in the faith. Putting that faith into action strengthens reliance on those resources.

    Below, on the left I have a depiction of an atom, in this case a lithium atom. I used a depiction based on the Bohr model. Yes I know it is dated. Thinking about atoms in general, and electrons whirling about them is the earliest recollection that I have of God specifically speaking to me about His omniscience and power. That thought came about five years before I received Christ in a personal way. Lithium has some interesting properties and was used in the glass for the mirror of the Palomar telescope, which also had a large impact on my understanding of God.

    On the right I have an hourglass, symbolizing time, with a little flash, symbolizing creation. About two years before I accepted Christ, I was watching a program on the nature of space and time. It was through this scientific discussion that I came to understand that God created time itself, as well as the things in creation, as well as the very space for them to exist. Before creation, there wasn’t even emptiness. This realization (that time is a created thing) still informs some of my views concerning issues free-will vs predestination and the nature of our existence in His coming kingdom.

    And the oval picture is taken from a rendering of James Tissot’s painting of the blind beggar who washed in the pool of Siloam (John ch 9) as the Lord commanded and could then see. The beggar then bore witness to what happened without embellishment. To me this is a reminder to do as our Lord asks, and to humbly bear witness to His works. It is from this passage that I chose my Id for this site.

    Some of these may not find resonance with others. I am unconcerned; they will remind me of things on which I need to continue meditate.
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  2. I love it! Everyone should put some effort into their avatar :) I was in Kuwait and I wanted something made of gold, so I drew on a piece of paper my avatar and the guy made it into a necklace. It's the Star of David because Jesus is a Jew, Son of David, Who died on a rugged cross and is now King of Kings. The grey behind it is for me to remember to Abdicate my throne to the real King and the black bars are the thresholds of heaven above and the earth below with Jesus the Bridge between the two, just like the Star of David, three pointing down, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and three pointing up, body, soul, spirit when combined becomes One.
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  3. I have to say that is great! And i really enjoyed your detail of every piece. I may have to read it a few more times just to wrap my mind around and remember everything that you have said.

    For me...I am Christ's turtle for He is whom i hid in (my refuge and safety place)...not in worldly ways. Plus it reminds me to be slow and deliberate with my words and actions. Never just snapping off an answer if i don't have to. But to give myself time to seek God for the answers :)

    God bless you mightily!
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  4. Mine is grey with grey glitter.

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