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  1. Autumn

  2. Haverst Moon WOW!

  3. Pumpkins For Sale...

  4. Oh, these are all so pretty!!!
  5. I am a spring ,fall guy but summer and winter keep coming anyway- praise God who knows what we need and gives us seasons of change in our lives! :D
  6. We had a couple of nights in the high 60's- an early blessing down here- it will probably be back in the 90's by early next week.
  7. Yes, Autumn, my favorite time, but it is so short lived!
  8. I used to dislike winter as everything looked so dead but then a came to a realization. Just as in Christ the old must die off so the new will bloom and blosom! God has a plan and everything has a season!
  9. That is the way I learned to see it too.
    It gives us something to look forward to, doesn't it?
    Spring, a rebirth of the earth and it's nature.
    What a beautiful thing!


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