Autumn and Winter

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by violet, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. Don, you could get married and have more of your own! :)

  2. He He ....I'm not complaining but last night it was 33F but it is supposed to get warmer on the weekend. Guess I had better take all my house plants that I have outside, inside.
  3. Hey Violet..... Today it was 61 F and tomorrow it is going to be 65 F but anyways I took out all my little plants today that are annuals even if they still looked nice. I hated to do that but one of these days it will be too cold to do it. My roses are still blooming.
  4. You saved their little lives, Dusty!
    Really? Roses still blooming!
    I'll be!

  5. Yup.... Violet.... I think our weather is reversed, but I'm not complaining. It can stay like this until Christmas and then I want snow and after that get warm again.
  6. Dusty,
    you sound like me!
    I want snow from Thanksgiving til December 31 and then I expect spring! :p

  7. Very light snow on the air just for 30 minutes or so around 4 AM today at our northern states Rectory in Wisconsin.

    Global Warming ? - NAH!!! :)
  8. Well Pastor Gary.... We have been having weather in the 60's for the past few days and I am loving it. Who said Canada was the land of ice and snow. Bah !!!!!

    I'll probably be eating my words soon.
  9. Well PG,
    you let me know when snow is headed my way, please?

  10. Beautiful..... Is that your house Violet ?
  11. But of course!
    In my dreams~:)
  12. Speaking of snow, I just had a nice message in PM from God's_Child. I quickly checked my weather analysis program for local weather in her home area of Sarapul, Russia, and it will be raining there today, turning cooler this evening and it will be snowing at times in her back yard each day for the next week. Her local temperatures will be 6 degrees C today going down to minus 8 degrees C. by mid week. (For our US members, that's roughly 44 degrees F today and as low as 16 degrees F. by mid week. BRRRRRR....

    Let's all show her some 'warmth' here in the forum... :)
  13. She is a sweetheart!
  14. She is Violet and I love her so much. I can't imagine how cold it gets there in the winter... We think we got it bad.
  15. I saw this painting in a Thomas Kinkade gallery just the other day! It was breath taking!

  16. Laura, I shrunk it and yes, it was even more beautiful when it was larger! I can't imagine how pretty the one you saw was!
  17. Oh, it was breath taking! This man has a God given talent, literally! I just love the way colors and shades change on a painting when you dim the lights. They do that in the gallery to show the changes! It is amazing! I truly believe God guides this man's hands when he paints!

  18. I love the seasons. This verse alone proves that global warming is a downright lie.

    Genesis 8:22 - While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.


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