Autumn and Winter

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by violet, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. Autumn and Winter

    How do YOU add warmth to your home?
    I'm not talking about turning on the furnace


  2. Turning on the furnace is a mechanical way to warm a home.

    But turning to God's Word and His Message to us is what will warm our Hearts throughout the year.
  3. I love the holiday season! Starting with Thanksgiving (We don't even acknowledge Halloween!) and through the New Year, everything comes alive in me! Usually, we start lighting up the fire place the moment the weather gets cold enough, which here in Dallas, might actually start after Thanksgiving:mad:!! I love to have Christmas music playing starting the day ofter Thanksgiving, light up candles, the fireplace and of course, the smell of home cooking always makes the house feel so warm and inviting! It just feels good when it's cold outside to come into the warmth of your home, sit in front of a fire and just relax with a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate! We actually have a wood burning fire place which makes the whole experience even better! There is nothing like the smell of real wood burning in the fire place!

  4. I love your answer, Pastor Gary!:p:p:p
  5. Wonderful Pastor Gary!

    Laura, you had me in a trance, dreaming!

  6. Beautiful Pastor Gary.

    Laura..... Can I come to your house ? It sounds so cosy.

  7. C'mon over honey, I'll make you a traditional Romanian dinner! Bring Violet!:D


    The both of you can help clean my house up! Then I'll make you dinner!
  8. Good friends and God's love.

  9. So Violet ... say the word... When are we going.? I don't look at people's house. I come to fellowship with the occupants. Someone needs to come and clean mine. It seems like I am the ultimate procrastinator.:D:D:D
  10. Dusty, I'll tell you this much.....
    If you gave me one week's notice and said you were driving down to Texas and would stop for me on the way, I would be ready!!!

  11. So what are you people waiting for? C'mon over, it'll be fun! Any of you remember how to change diapers?:D

  12. Nope..... I won't be any help in that department . Ask Violet.:dance::dance::dance:

  13. Wow , I would love to do that Violet but it's too long a drive for little old me. For sure I would end up in TIMBUCKTWO with my directions.:D:D
  14. Time to pack up the summer clothes! :mad:

  15. Not yet Violet not yet.... We are still having unseasonal weather and I am loving it. I hate to put away my sandals.
  16. Heh Laura- I have changed enough diapers to reach to the moon of stacked- I am proud to say I have graduated from that stage of life- but you know something- I wouldn't have messed being there.
  17. I would gladly change diapers if I could have more kids. Right now I'm hoping for my son to have kids soon but he's only 8 so I'll have to wait awhile. He better not wait till he's 40 to have kids like I did, I don't know if I can wait that long.
  18. Season of Change

    Violet - It was 23 degrees F. near our northern states Rectory in Wisconsin last evening, but the temp's today at our south Alabama location was a nice, toasty 74 degrees F. and even better at our venue on Marco Island, Florida, at 83 degrees F.
  19. Hmmm ..... PAstor Gary, it was 44 F here today... not bad. But 83 sounds real inviting.
  20. PG, I am just not ready for this wintry weather yet.

    Dusty, how are you having better weather than we?
    I wanted to slip my sandals on but my toes would have froze off!


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