Auschwitz: God On Trial

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  1. Jews are the "Seed of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob"... Read about it in Genesis.... Nobody except the "Seed of Abraham, Issac and Jacob" can claim to be an ethnic Jew. On top of this - there are regulations in the bible pertaining to who would become "Banished from the assembly" for doing bad things like idolatry, etc... Do that stuff and biblically, you "Loose your Jew card" so to speak... As we have experienced, though - God is faithful even when we are not....

    Male Circumcision... A covenant God gave to Abraham in genesis.... Does this make you a Jew - nope... No more than eating with chopsticks makes you Chinese...

    One key thing... Your statement "They don't see more holy or righteous or......" - YEP... That's true.. But God never SAID they would either... God declared in Leviticus 7 that he loved them because he loved them.... God set HIS love upon Them - not the other way around.... And we see the evidence of this throughout history... That NO MATTER how hard the Jews have TRIED to assimilate into the cultures in the places where they lived and to hide from God - it never worked.... They were ALWAYS a Separate and peculiar people - even against their own wills... and still are..... We forget that God's name is on that promise - and that should teach us something very comforting about the nature of God...
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  2. You know John, God called the Israelites a whore so many times, I did not bother to count.
    The reason why is because they went and worshiped other gods, mostly those nations around them and those opposing and oppressing them.
    And yet, every time afterwards when they turned away from that false worship, He took them back and delivered them.
    Now what is that!
    I can only say thanks to Him - because He is my God also, YHVH, God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, but also Arno.
  3. Yes its amazing how patient and merciful God is.
    So you reckon its lineage, i.e. at least one parent Jewish? How would you know? I mean what are the characteristics?

    Ie. I know Im chinese i look chinese my parents are, i dont speak the language, but I eat the food! But I dont live in china, was never born there and never been there...
    Is it passed down through the male or female line? Or both? If your mum was one culture and your dad was another, what do you consider yourself as?
  4. I suppose male as seed kinda means male offspring.
    I mean Dinah was One of the daughters but she never was included in the patriarchs theres no matriarch tribe called Dinah.
  5. Yep.. One of the things that we often miss... We make this big deal about "Our Faith, My faith.. Me me me" I am the righteous one.... But - the REAL story is that of God's faith.... The real message is God's faithfulness to HIS promises even when WE are not....

    And - we see that played out in The Jews.... What attributes does God declare of them? A Stiff necked people... The ones who kill the prophets... Unfaithful.... And yet God loves them... They exist as a testimony to God's love and God's faithfulness... That is extraordinarily comforting to me...

    BUT.. In case we feel all high and mighty... Let's have a reality check...
    Matt 17:21: "So Jesus said to them, “Because of your unbelief; for assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you."
    I have tried it.... I spoke to the mountain... and it sat right there... There's the witness... Not even the faith of a mustard seed... It's not MY faith that does the work - it's God's faith....

  6. The curse was put into place when adam fell and aloud sin into this earth. It iwll stay implace. Blessing = you chose God and jesus is your Lord and you walk in His ways. Curse = the worlds ways or system or babylonian system which is the system the world operate in.

    People say it was only to the Children of Isriel but disagree very much and believe it is simply His truth and the way this works. We have two choice. Each choice has it's own out come.
    The worlds way or curse way you do not have to do anything to receive it's blessings if you will BUT Choose Gods way and you will have to learn how to walk in His ways and By His ways and fulfill your part on His promises.

    Another words when God says when ye stand praying Forgive if ye have Aught against any
    This must also be done of it is a command. God has doen His part and it is upto us to do our part and He will uphold His end of His word or promises.

    Sorry for getting off track but I enjoy this area.
  7. Hmm well the curse seems to hit the jewish people the worst.
    I mean holocaust, no homeland at all for centuries, despised by their host nations and forced to live in ghettos...and yet, as they are the chosen ones, they succeed at keeping their identity and proclaiming God even when they dont know Jesus, they still celebrate passover and what God did for them, bringing them out of slavery and all those miracles, plus we have the gift of the Old Testament and all those great bible stories and prophets hearing and speaking directly from the Lord.

    And then of course, from their lineage its only that Jesus came to this earth and taught us how to put away sin. By showing us grace and truth.

    Gentiles were never under the blood covenant the israelites were under. The israelites were meant to be a holy people and show light to the rest of us. (They did, through one man, Jesus) But we all come under the rainbow one at Noahs ark. It was just a shame that many of the israelitez could not accept their longed for Messiah would come and suffer and die for them, and extend his hand to all mankind.

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