Auschwitz: God On Trial

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  1. No sweat from me Rusty.

    There is no debate to be had. Either God said it and meant it or He didn't. That my friend is the end of the debate.

    Quoteing Scripture makes NO ONE an authority whatsoever. It is simply a basis for truth from the mouth of God.
    We eith believe it or reject it.
  2. No Rusty you did not sybolize Scriptures on this thread that I am aware of, BUT you did on another thread on the Revelation. You in fact refused to answer my question on whether the 144,ooo were literal or a symbol. That is what I was referring to. You said you would answer on another thread but so far you haven't.
  3. I know I didn' YES you are creating red herrings/smoke screens on this thread about what I am saying...Please stop!

    Make a thread, man....If you want a topic on the 144,00o...make a thread....I'm tired of all of this detouring and sideshowing..Maybe I will participate...but with all this static form you...maybe I won't.

    You are too much into highjacking others threads....IMO.
  4. Great.... so please stop trying to involve me in political and "headship of the state" discussions...Thanks....
  5. Rusty, you are I am sure a wonderful Christian man and I love you. However I must say that your opinions are shall I say differant and you tend to be rather unique in your understanding of Scripture.

    The idea that God has to do something quickly in order for it to be a miracle is shall I say....challenging to grasp.

    The fact is, I have never ever heard anyone say such a thing and the Bible examples would be to many to post on this site.

    I am going to agree with calvin......I have to move away from this thread and leave it all to you and others who enjoy this kind of communication.
  6. That is your choice.....see you elsewhere. I will not fault you for not wanting to be in a unique discussion of apparent interest to others Christians thread.
  7. that YOU in in the avatar????

  9. An interesting article that has some bearing on the OP

    an excerpt:
    Probably more surprising than anything else was not the silence of the world as Zionist ethnic cleansing was taking place in Palestine, but the silence of the Jews in Palestine. They knew what had happened to Jews in Nazi Europe, and some might even have seen it for themselves, yet they had no scruples in doing almost the same thing to the Palestinians.”
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  10. Yes...I agree, Glomung. Frankly, those who do not investigate secular Zionist history and yet at the same time want to believe God participates in their regime need to reflect on what a spiritual life really is in the real world.
  11. Rusty, hmmmm, a strange thread. Anyway. It took 40 years for God to bring His people from Egypt to the Promised Land way back in the day and that was WITH miracles. And now it's taking 65 years to bring them back WITHOUT miracles and is still an ongoing process. So what? The world they left back when Moses led them out was hostile. Today, most of the world is full of alluring temptations. So yes. Jews are like everyone else. Why leave the "good life" to live in a war zone surrounded by murderous Muslims?
    It's a miracle Israel exists today at all. Just reading how a few Israeli tanks held off the Syrian army on the Golan during the Yom Kippor War was a miracle to me. How Israel even survived that war was a miracle.
    The fact that the Jews moved their capital to it's rightful place, Jerusalem, from Tel Aviv points to religious influence beyond a purely "secular" Israel. Will you call Israel secular whenever the Temple is rebuilt?
    I only want to be known as a CHRISTIAN. I want to be known as such whether I were friends with Muslims, Jews, Hindus or anyone else. Saying you are considered a Muslim with your Muslim friends and Jewish with your Jewish friends and then seem to be proud of that strikes me as chameleon like. Shouldn't they know you as a devout follower of Christ and nothing short of that?
    The Bible is the Living Word of God. It is as alive today as it was when written. It is why you can look at a verse one day and then years later look at it again then see it in a way that speaks to your spirit differently than it did the time before. It is alive.
    A prophecy can speak to a nation one way at the time it was given and still have relevence years and years later. Maybe not exactly to that particular situation but to one much like it.
    I am a "Christian Zionist". I always was from the time I first read the Bible and always will be. It's THEIR land God gave it to them. Now He has put them in their land, taken them out, them put them back. That is between God and them.
    As for me. I know my place. I am a co-heir. I am adopted. First the Jew THEN the gentile. I will seat myself at the last of the table. Better yet, I will eat the crumbs from the childrens table that fall to the floor. God will bless those who bless them and curse those who curse them.
    America has, for the most part blessed Israel so ,in turn, America is blessed. Soon America will turn it's back on Israel and God's judgement will follow.
    OK. Why did God allow the Jews to be persecuted? Ryan Lepko addressed that. The Jews choose to remain under the Law. So by the Law they are treated. With no Temple they have a very limited way in which to adhere to that Law. Soon there will be a Temple. Then I would think a great migration of Jews back to Israel.
    Why did "christians" allow the massacre during WWII? Simple. These "christian" leaders wore robes, carried bibles and had crosses around their necks. That doesn't make them Christian. They were NAZIS. Any "christian" present where any of this occured was purely looking after their own skin. They will answer for it.
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  12. Well thanks for your opinion Dan, but I must question several theories you have:

    Ummm no. Only Hasidim/Orthodox Jews attempt to keep the Law (which to them is much more than the universal 10 Commandments) and they are a tiny minority in worldwide Jewry. Study up on modern Jewry and you will see that the vast majority are at best liberal and in no way attempting to be Law-keepers.

    This "most part" is pretty recent. Take a gander:

    "Whenever Israel’s supporters today speak of a “special relationship” with the US that is supposedly graven in stone, it is useful to remember that something very different existed when Israel came into existence in 1948 on the gutted carcass of Palestine. ...Prominent American Jews felt no obligation to endorse Israel or Israeli leaders, no matter what happened. Dozens (including Albert Einstein) signed a letter published in the New York Times in 1948 protesting the arrival of Menachem Begin and condemning his actions. And the general American public was largely indifferent to what happened in the Middle East.The US government echoed these sentiments. Most Israeli military assistance in the 1950s and well into the 1960s came from a scattering of other countries (e.g., the Israeli aircraft that attacked the USS Liberty in June 1967 were procured from France), but not from the US – and American economic aid to Israel during those years was extremely limited. It is noteworthy that in the Suez Crisis of 1956, President Eisenhower – who as General Eisenhower had led the Allied forces in the West that broke Nazi Germany, and was more intimately familiar with the actual situation of European Jews in WWII than any other US president before or since – had no qualms at all about ordering Israel (along with Britain and France) to cease operations against Egypt and to withdraw. Nor did President Kennedy (another WWII veteran, albeit a junior one) hesitate to make it absolutely clear to Israeli leaders that he would not support or condone Israel’s acquisition of a national nuclear force .."

    C. You question my statement below:
    Instead of accusing me of being a chameleon, the Christian thing to, IMO, is to ask me what I mean. If you do that I will explain. But if you dare not, I won't.

    But I don't blame you for you understanding of this thread, only wonder about your opinions and accusations.
  13. A snippet from Prof Wasserstein's interview above:

  14. Ugh...I forgot to include: I have attended Sabbath worship in synagogues in the past, and been a guest at Passover Seder.
  15. For a Jew to be a jew he only needs a drop of jewish blood to be jewish i was told by his grandmother he is not anything else she grudgingly said to me :giggle: I am part Croatian, part Maori, German and the rest New Zealander or kiwi they say down here So i mention My son have the above with a bit of Jewish added to it. No no no she said it doesn't matter what other blood he has, he is JEWISH!:giggle:
  16. Read my other links too. Being a Jew is a religious matter, not racial.
    Liz Taylor and Sammy Davis Jr. were Jews by conversion, race being not the key to it all.
  17. Look again Eighties my friend:
  18. To be Jewish you only need a drop of Jewish blood?

    Then EVERYBODY is Jewish if you take the Old Testament literally.
    Was Noah Jewish? I assume so. Is EVERBODY supposedly a descendant of Noah?
    Then WE"RE ALL JEWISH! MAZOLTAV! When do we move to Israel?
  19. So are 'Hebrew' and 'Jew' completely synonymous?

    Isn't "Hebrew" stemming from the bloodline of Abram/ Abraham (Patriarchs)? (Genesis 14:13)

    Isn't "Jew"stemming from the practice of 'Judaism' set forth by Moses? (2 Kings 16:6)

    Does "Hebrew" mean humans from Adam? So are we all "Hebrews"? Are we all "Jews" that believe in the Creator? Are "Jews" by default misinformed "Christians"? Is this all a bunch of silliness?

    So does that mean all "Christians" are "Catholic" by default? (No offense Glomung...)

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