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  1. In my life I've only really worked with one muslim that I got to talk to on a regular basis,
    perhaps now our conversation would be different but he has retired, he knew I was a Christian and I constantly reminded him that Jesus was the Son of God, not just a prophet.
    from a practical point of view,
    ISIS is just news on tv to me.
    I can't vote on anything, I don't know anyone Islamic and I don't know any politicians I could mention it to,
    and even if I did I doubt my opinion would influence anything.
    I could write something but it would be swallowed up with a million other twitters.
    I was sitting in the shopping centre the other day thinking what if one snuk up behind me and cut off my head and how it would feel to have the same view of a ten foot high person as I was being swung back and forth by my hair.
    Eh, if it happens it happens, what can you do? Get a tattoo on the back of your neck with dotted lines with the words cut here in a straight line?
    Really, most of us probably won't stand in a protest line or graffiti our local mosque, why would you?
    What would that achieve, terrorising innocent moslems.
    Most moslems are running AWAY from ISIS.
    99% of moslems live ordinary lives, so what if the meat is hala or they want us all to live in the 7th century,
    might be a good thing looking around the place.
    Is cutting off the head any worse then the electric chair or chemical injections for those on death row?
    ISIS are not moslems, their murderers thieves, rapists and terrorists.
    If I meet a moslem i'll telling him Jesus is the only way to God, not mohammed, if hes reasonable he will
    probably argue or not, I doubt he will pull out a big blade and start hacking at my neck,
    or maybe he will.
    Maybe Islam will take over the world, but I won't see any in Heaven.
  2. I don't actually understand all of the things you are trying to say, but the main message is clear, and I agree. It is terrible to follow the works of ISIS from here, not being able to do pretty much anything at all. We can do bits and pieces, donate some money and tweet some lines, but we as single persons can not do a lot to stop the situation over there.
    But ISIS is not any kind of representation of Muslims. Not at all. They are like terribly sick version of Westboro Baptist church of Muslim world.

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