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  1. I thought we could discuss the Atonement / Blood of Christ today. How it saved us, heals us, set us free, etc.
    There is so much healing / power in the blood of Christ. I think sometimes we forget the power that we as Christians actually have since we are in fact covered in the blood of Christ. This covering never leaves us, but so often I forget it's there.

    We can walk boldly with authority at all times. I am so guilty of forgetting this. This was brought to my attention last night and again this morning as I prayed. We can pray and expect results. The enemy of this world cannot stand against the blood. It is powerful and covers all things.

    Your thoughts are welcome.
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  2. I remember first hearing about the power in the blood when I learned that old song, "There's Power in the Blood." back in 1975 and every so often I need a reminder. Thanks for reminding me today. :)
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  5. I have been reading on the atonement here and there. There is so much more to it than we realize. If we are born again believers in Christ, His blood covers us, which means we are literally covered and sealed. I was reminded yesterday that I can speak with authority and I can walk in that authority. Not through my own ability, but through the ability of Christ. His blood covers everything in our lives, every single little thing. If we are covered in the blood of Christ, shouldn't we expect miracles to happen, and lives to be changed, etc? I am so very guilty of walking around like a drone without a brain. The smallest thing can make me walk away and give up. so yesterday I was like why am I always giving in to this negative thinking when the Blood of Christ covers me. Cturtle / Jim really helped me to get my thinking on straight yesterday....

    I love the song, There is Power in the Blood, but I also like older original hymns. I think they are beautiful.
    I especially love them when they are mixed with more contemporary versions. I like the combination. It's beautiful.
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  6. We also have free-will. If it is centred on ego-self, Spirit-self is ignored, and we act in denial of the truth. We become unreal.
    If free-will is centred on Spirit-self, the truth will be revealed, our gifts are put into true perspective. We become real (truthful, fearless, genuine and authentic). Anything that serves God / Truth will not only happen in God's time, but will happen unconditionally on our behalf. In that unconditional state, we will not be surprised (miracles of not). But grateful to witness God's presence in our life.

    In other words, it is not us who performs miracles, but God / Spirit / Christ in us. All we need to do is give space, by centering on God / Christ / Spirit in us. It is our interference which blocks us from witnessing daily miracles. . . Each breath we take is a miracle. How often do we take that for granted.

    In our gratitude for witnessing God's presence, we feel the Love of God within us. To make more space for God's Love in us, is to love God in return. We love the Love that loves us. By doing so, we will witness God's miracles within and around us.
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  7. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom and the reminder of the Blood and its power it has given us. After falling pray to the enemy's tricks today.... this is encouraging to my spirit.

    Something it reminds me of is the resurrection power that resides within us. And as long as we choose to walk in that power, submitting our flesh to the truth of the Word, we will not fall prey to the enemy's devices, tricks and deceptions.

    You have helped me to remember about my armour, and obediently resisting the enemy and his lies when his little imp tries to bombard my mind with untrue thoughts. It's then, if we take our thoughts captive... our shield of faith is in place and can effectively repel those darts.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you :) you truly are a blessing to me! And thank you for your gracious words.
    Love you in Christ!
  8. There truly is something about the blood. As I was praying yesterday it kept coming to me. The power in the blood. The healing in the blood. The protection in the blood. The love in the blood. The grace the covers me.......

    We wear this wonderful protection all over us every single day and yet I forget to utilize it in my life. The blood is there. It doesn't leave just because I am down and feeling low.

    I am just reminded about the blood. It has flooded me all day . All the sacrifices in the old testament happened for a reason. It was the blood. Christ's blood changed our lives in every way yet we never discuss the blood and what it does for us. What it represents for us.

    I need to remember daily that I walk in God's protection, grace, love, power every single day even when I forget and feel defeated. It's very comforting
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  9. Amen! So grateful for Him speaking and reminding you, so you could pass it along to us :)
    Glory to God!
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  10. I found a great book on Amazon about the Blood of Christ. Looks to be really good. I should have it Friday.
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  11. That sounds good :)
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  12. The book I recommend is, "The Blood Covenant," by H. Clay Trumbull. Three lectures given at the Episcopal Divinity School, Philadelphia PA in 1885. Lecture 1, deals with the primitive rite itself. Lecture 2, Suggestions and perversions of the rite.
    Lecture 3. Indications of the rite in the Bible. Communion is a making of a blood covenant with the Father.
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  13. Thank you. i will look into this book. i started reading the book i purchased and it's so DEEP. i have to reread many pages to get the full effect / understanding. i can honestly say that since the HS told me to start learning about the blood many amazing things have been happening to me. I truly feel the HS like i didnt before. It's quite amazing.
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  14. What is the name of the book that you have purchased?
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  15. I purchased The Blood of Christ by Andrew Murray for $13.45 pm. I am on chapter 4 or getting ready to start it. It's pretty deep so I keep having to reread passages to fully understand everything. It's so good.

    Today I purchased these books: With Christ in the School of Prayer: Thoughts on Our Training for the Ministry of Intercession by Andrew Murray. I think I am going to buy these 2 items today as well: The Glory Within Study Guide and The Glory Within: The Interior Life and Power of Speaking in Tongues, both by Corey Russell. They look great.

    I am reading one of the books on the HS that you sent in that link a while back. It's a great book and I thoroughly love it and would greatly recommend it as well. I just want to read every angle on this subject so I can fully understand.
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  16. I definitely am going to look into the Blood of Christ by Andrew Murray. And will keep the others in my mind as well. They all sound good :)

    Thank you
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  17. I personally like the old dead preachers the best. lol
    I love Charles Spurgeon and Tozer, Moody, etc. Those guys were just to the point and very blunt, which is how I learn best.
    These guys seemed to be so different and passionate.
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  18. Dead preachers? Stay away from dead works! :whistle:

    If they are in Christ then they are Alive in Christ!! Even Now!
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  19. You are killing me. :D You know what I mean... lol (y)
    you are right. they are alive and well and i personally cannot wait to meet them one day........
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  20. Yep that is the flesh and old way of thinking!! :cool:
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