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  1. athiests

    i don,t believe in athiest,because they don,t believe in i ignore them.they won,t exist soon anyway,lol.:eek:
  2. brother come on.. we must preach to them. they are very lost yes, and use God's name in vain many times without knowing. but you must find a way to get to them. don't let hate take over your compassion.

    I do get annoyed by them yes but they also get annoyed by us :(
  3. i don,t hate em,but i don,t need to listen to there drool.and if they won,t listen to me,fair enough.
  4. Yeah, we're sanctified, or set apart, but we were just as lost or worse, you may be rejoicing with some of them one day. I heard a quote somewhere, '(In heaven) 'there'll be people there that you thought would never be there...and there will be people that you always thought would be there, that wont."
  5. then how are you going to obey the great commission and witness to them if you ignore them? The apostles didn't ignore them....If every Christian had taken the stance to ignore us before we were christians...we would not be saved.
  6. i,m not gonna knock on the same door 100 times,or you become the problem,and make life harder ,not easier.

  7. Your OP sounds like you dont want to do it once...when you say ignore...then do you mean you will only go to shops run by christians? or work only with christians? if so then how will you recognise one? because they go to the same church? they are polite? I know non christians that go to church and are polite.
  8. To a degree, smelly has a point.

    We cannot convert anyone. It is the Holy Spirit that does that sometimes using one of us.

    I do not go out of my way to witness to atheists, but if they come to me, I respond.

    Most of the time they ask a question they think you won't be able to answer - that is why it is important for us to know why we believe what we believe!

    If I can't answer the question they feel a false sense of victory.
    When I am able to answer the question, they ignore the answer and ask a new question. This process is repeated until they tell me I shouldn't push my religion on other people. They brought up the subject by asking questions, yet I'm being pushy!!!! lol

    But, every now and then, God places and atheist, or a seeker, or another lost soul in my path. Since I don't know their eternal fate, I always speak with them. If they reject God I let it be.

    Who knows? Maybe I will be surprised in heaven to meet many of these who mocked me, but later were awakened by the light thru the words God spoke to them thru me!!!!

  9. no it means i will ignore there refrences to there being no God.i will ignore there stance.
  10. Michael .... You don't have to knock at that door so many times . We are called to be salt and light in the world and if you have presented the gospel to them as the Holy Spirit has directed you; then you can leave that with the Holy Spirit and He will do the work in that person's life . We cannot do that It is up to God .

    All we are commissioned to do is plant the seed . Some one else might come along and water it .
  11. Thanks , Ginger so basically she and I are saying the same thing , Mike
  12. Jesus told us, if they reject the Gospel to shake off the dust. We can make it available to them, and that is all. They call us trouble makers, and blame war on us. How ironic they make these accusations from their own fiery pit of darkness.
    I tell them Christ saves, but does he save you?
    Surely he did not die for the "other" thief on the cross hurling insults upon him. You reject the Gospel and God's grace you are equivalent to that thief hanging beside Jesus.
  13. Watchman,

    I don't totally agree with you. I believe the Gospel says Jesus died for all, but not all accept the gift. Some reject it.

    In the end when those who are perishing say but we didn't know, they will be shown every opportunity God gave them for salvation and every time they rejected it.

    God is blameless. They will have no excuse. God's judgment will be final and just for them, but for us, we will be given mercy because because we accepted the give of Grace that saves.

    What I do agree with is not to waste our time on those do not listen. "Shake the dust off" is what Scripture has told us to do.

  14. Good post. Let your life be the light.
  15. Call me a Calvinist, but I can only somewhat agree with you -(concerning those of whom Christ died for)

    Romans 9:16 So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy.

    God takes the first step in salvation, not the creature. He does this namely through the Spirit.
    God's grandest work, at least for us was salvation. Who are we to say it is dependent upon the will of His creature. That is revoking God's sovereignty and in replace giving us the power.

    It is a difficult concept to grasp but I live by this principal. The cross saves all for whom it was intended.

    Maybe someday I'll post a thread that goes more in depth on the will of God and the will of man sometime
    Sorry if my wording is a bit harsh, I know this has been an ongoing debate in Christianity for centuries.
  16. i am saved by God rebuking me in spirit.and then i read the bible,and repented my sins to christ our Lord.
  17. Atheists are not only lost but they are blinded to the truth. Let us pray for such poor souls that they may come to know His grace and mercy.

    Below is a golden oldie for your enjoyment

  18. What was the only difference between the thief that went to paradise with Christ and the one that didn't? Jesus died for the sins of both so why is one going up while the other goes down? Simple. The first thief accepted Christ as his saviour and REPENTED of his sin. The other did not. I tell you this, had the second thief on that other cross REPENTED of his sin and accepted Jesus, he too would have joined Christ in heaven.

    Atheists, though lost, need only to accept Christ as their Saviour and REPENT of their sin. Then too they shall join Christ in paradise. That really is how simple it is :)
  19. that picture was written for a reason.1 side was saved,and they numbered Jesus with the dead,2.and the 3rd day he conquered death.and from both sinners there is no other way but Jesus.and even the sons of thunder,boangers believed him.:D
  20. God, why won't you let me say it!?!? ... *grrr*

    I used to be an athiest.

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