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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by autumn oddity, May 8, 2014.

  1. How has your experience been, did you get your questions answered...what did you hope to find here and did you find it? :)
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  2. I don't think it is so bad. Much more drama/more fun than the atheist forum I inhabit - not to say I don't like it over there but this one has something different to offer.

    I'm not sure I would want to live here though.
  3. Point I would like to make: I'm glad you haven't banned us yet.
  4. Lol goggles I have no power to ban x D

    But you said this one has more to offer...what is that ?

    : )
  5. I find drama to be a false energy source ..
    nor have I ever found drama to be "fun" ..
    one that has no useful purpose besides reinforcing negative energy ..
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  6. Whhhaaattt ixoye8 !!? Youre an atheist : D lol Im joking ..but I agree im not one for drama, that's what T.V is for lol

    I like it on the screen not in my life lol.
  7. shut up ixoye_8 I was making a compliment.

    This forum is a nice place to be.

    Back at home (I'll probably be banned/chased out soon from there as well anyway) we just rip into each others ideas and talk about biology (joke).
  8. I don't think ixoye meant any harm....

    Anywho...why do you think you'd be chased from your own forum ?
    And what do you mean by "rip on each other's ideas"

    Oh and whats your forum called..if you don't mind? Im curious
    : >
  9. My dad is an atheist who frequents Christian and news sites. I wouldn't be surprised if he is going under the name workmx. They sound alike.

    Point is, he loves these sites, not atheist sites...unless they worshipped him there. Attention and disturbance appeals to selfishness and pride.

    I know first hand the risk with and intentions of an intelligent atheist. Who is more dangerous then one who knows the truth and now manipulates it to....share? Rofl...discuss? Rofl....befriend? Rofl...stumble, Yes...

    Mods need to watch them like hawks and the moment their comments become troll like, ban them. Bias = bias = hatred for God.

    The ONLY discussion we should be having with them that will be fruitful to them and us...would be...Why did they decide to turn 100% from reality (confused atheist) or Christianity / the truth (evil atheist)?
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    I have a terrible habit of unknowingly insulting people.

    When something does not make sense to me I feel the need to point it out.
  11. You seem to ask legitimate questions and I haven't been aware of any instances where you have attempted to attack our beliefs. The same cannot be said about the others who have been allowed a bit too much rope. It's a tightrope we have to walk sometimes. I often wonder if anything is really accomplished by allowing it to continue, but so long as you don't turn to insulting and ridiculous posting, I'm always open to free discussion.

    I guess the long and short of it is, you are welcome to stay and learn whatever you can learn and understand whatever you want to understand. It is not a requirement that you believe what we say, or become converted, but we're also not going to permit people to come here and harm those who do not have a strong faith. We will not allow atheists/agnostics to attack our beliefs or attempt to convert our members any more than we would allow another religion to come and do the same.
  12. We don't mind having people with different opinions. As long as you are respectful to the members here you will be welcomed. I hope you enjoy your stay, and we will be praying for you. :)

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