Atheist Richard Dawkins On Babies With Ds

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  1. Richard Dawkins' opinion on babies with Down syndrome:

    Dawkins shows his true colours here: he is a sick man who needs urgent help. His solution is no different than Hitler's infamous T-4 Program. We should all pray for him.

    What does this have to do with atheism? Everything. When you lose touch with God, you lose touch with your own humanity.
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  2. Yep. Atheism has no basis for anything. In their world it's do as you please...
  3. I was just sitting in the dining room having a late lunch with my wife. She was mentioning some poor unfortunate who claims there is no God.
    I looked around and said : This house has no kitchen. I cant see a toilet or bathroom either". ( we do actually have those:D)
    As for Dawkins, his theories are lamentably lame.(Rule 2.2b carefully observed)
    If a DS were to be asked "Would you rather you had been aborted than allowed to live?"
    No free bag of candy for correctly anticipating the answer would be "No! I'm glad to be alive."

    As for the OP, Flavio I think you are being very charitable in your remarks.........I followed the link you posted and the info in it is nothing short of absolutely disgusting.
    Thanks for posting.
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  4. If we were a society of only Christians.... Every DS baby would have a number of people looking after them. Work, school and home. Because we are not, they are a nuisance.

    A DS baby has far greater IQ then any animal life, how can anyone suggest abortion :rolleyes:. They are more then capable of happy life.
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  5. I remember reading this statement.

    Clearly he is absolutely wrong, but to his credit, he is being very consistent. If I were an Atheist, it would mean I would only believe in the physical and discard the metaphysical. The idea of a soul would be silly, and therefore since we're just bags of meat that can think and reason, we're not special. So the life of one individual that really made no difference doesn't matter.

    And if one life is severely flawed and we were to catch it before it is even born, we may as well kill it and try again.

    Granted, not all Atheists think this way -- the late Hitchens was just as militantly Atheist, but he was pro-life -- but Dawkins, while he is dead wrong on it, he is consistent, and it's unfortunate.
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  6. Do you guys really have indoor toilets in the down under now?

    Unfortunately, Mr. Dawkins is not the only one with such degrading and disgusting opinions.
  7. I remember an old Star Trek episode where an alien described humans as ...."Big ugly bags of water".
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  8. I appreciate Peter Singer for the same reason. He's someone who looks the implications of his atheism in the face and calls it like it is.
    Dawkins has seemed a little less consistent to me.
    His abort and try again reasoning fits alright, but he was on shakier ground with "It would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have the choice." he retracted the next day, but it is troubling to me. As an atheist it's easy enough to arrive at the permissibility of almost anything but fabricating moral duties beyond the inborn human moral instinct is something more difficult and with much further reaching implications. I would be interested in hearing hearing how his current code of ethics allowed for "It would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have the choice." I would also be interested in hearing his internal dialogue in deciding it was ok to recant the view.
    Perhaps he holds to preference utilitarianism and just didn't understand that it was possible for a parent to genuinely want to keep a DS baby? Or that anyone would consider parenting a DS child a net gain when looking at the sacrifice against satisfaction?
  9. Yes, I don't think a statement from Dawkins is typical of "all atheists" by any means. He's even come under fire by other atheists for this statement.

    But I have never bought this idea that because Atheists don't possess the moral compass provided by the Bible that they are immoral. Most atheists I know are extremely moral people who simply believe differently than we do.
  10. For the most part (generally speaking), I agree. While they can't explain where morality comes from or even why things are or aren't moral, they still put morality into practice...again, generally speaking.
  11. Indeed. By no means would I suggest Dawkins is consistent altogether. Though this one statement is consistent with Atheism (apart from Atheists).
  12. I think Mr. Dawkins had to be in touch with God first to lose touch with Him. One of my friends loves this man, it makes me sad. I even read one of his books 'The God Delusion' to get a better idea about the logic atheists use, it's very interesting (atheists = seeing is believing). One thing that they still can't seem to answer is how all of the prophesies of the OT have come true; Scientist Peter Stoner estimated that the probability of fulfilling 48 prophecies was one chance in a trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion! Now, I'm not a science guy, my faith lies in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Still interesting though.
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  13. I think Dawkins has his strengths and his weaknesses. Clearly he's an intelligent man and knows science very well. My issue with him is that when it comes to anything involving the spiritual realm, he has nothing to say at all, and I don't think it's a subject so easily dismissed without offering some kind of explanation.

    I do think he is very good at exposing charlatans amongst Christians, it's good that people expose them.
  14. What's amazing is 2 out of 3 women in the US are Christian.
  15. He thinks all Christians are charlatans.
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  16. Yup. Not only that, we're delusional because we believe things that aren't really there according to him.
  17. Yes, but he puts the very worst ones on display. I think it's very important that people stand up and say that he's shooting fish in a barrel when he points to Ray Comfort or Ken Ham as the kind of Christians that are representative of ALL Christians.
  18. I'm not going to give Mr. Dawkins any such compliment. We as Christians can weed the bad ones out with the Lord's help, we don't need help from an instigating atheist.
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  19. Dawkins is very interesting in that he is to folks like Ray Comfort what Archie Bunker is to George Jefferson--the complete opposite yet exactly the same.

    This is why when I discuss theology and atheism (especially with Atheists I take seriously), neither Dawkins nor Comfort will come up. Sarte and Pope Benedict XVI are more likely.
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