Atheism, and finding encouragement

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  1. I was looking at memes today, and I saw this meme that said, "got a Bible from a missionary/firewood" (that's how memes work). It got me very angry. So I decided to start a new meme called Scumbag Atheist. So I needed a good picture of a general atheist.
    I was looking on the Web and started seeing quotes from famous atheists and such. It really hurts one's faith to see so many of these in a row. It was making me sad and angry.
    It is helps to know that the atheists are wrong though. It also is encouraging to know that the atheists are going to hell, though that sounds kinda messed up. But once you see these quotes for a long time, you really lose all of your sympathy.
    Anyway, if you have experience with atheists, you should know that they can be frustrating and a bit annoying, and insulting. But the Word of God is the best counter towards them.
  2. I was a Christian and then I was an atheist for a very, very long time until I became a Christian again and I never said hurtful things.

    A true atheist simply does not care about religion so they generally will not waste their time even discussing it. There are many who claim to be an atheist though who are simply confused or maybe even looking for some help to find an answer that alludes them.

    Either way, I do not think it is something to get angry about or to wish negative things upon them.

    Perhaps saying a prayer would be better, for all I know there was someone that prayed for me that brought me back home.
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  3. Um. I dont know why you choose to hang round atheists Juk.
    Yes they annoying, but if you dont hang round them, and listen to them, you wont get frustrated and annoyed.
    Its more profitable to be around believers and build up your faith, not try and tear others down to prove you superior.
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  4. We can start an athiest prayer thread instead and ask for God to open their eyes and remove any false impressions they have of Jesus.
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  5. Juk, I have to ask, why did you make this thread? We all know the things atheists believe, and have dealt with or even been them at some point.

    Also, don't feel so good about atheists going to hell, if it wasn't for the grace of God you'd be on your way too. You will have to learn how to deal with the beliefs of others, and thank God he has revealed the Truth to you.
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  6. I made this thread because I was feeling frustrated.
  7. Frustrated why?
  8. Because since I am still at an impressionable age, atheism attacks my faith.
  9. Indeed, everything does. But God is greater than everything is he not? Christ said he wouldn't lose a single of his sheep, so don't fear my friend.
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  10. I reported this thread so it could get deleted.
  11. Okay, just remember when we are weak God is strong.
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  12. Actually the love of Christ and praying for them is the only thing that can break through the hardened heart.

    Two things that come to is when you see one comment.....shut it down. Do not spend another minute on that site. You are responsible for what you allow into you mind. You cannot make the decision to read all of their comments, allowing someone to attack your faith, and then get mad at them because you made the decision to keep reading. This is something that God has placed in your control.

    The second thing to remember that God places people in your path, so that many (or just one if they have no one but you) prayers are going to the throne room of heaven for that person...because remember that God desires and is patient with us all because He does not wish for anyone to perish.

    So you have to choose how to look at God's lost sheep. And as Matthew 5:44 says "pray for those who persecute you, pray for your enemies...bless those who spitefully misuse you. One translation says to speak well of those who persecute and spitefully misuse you. (You will have to read what the words actually are...i am just paraphrasing)

    just some thoughts to chew on.
    blessings little man
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  13. Remember all people have the right to be saved if they want it truthfully enough.
    An atheist is a person who resents any power greater than their self. In other words, their ego, and pride, resents God.
    Their world has little grey in it, it is more black and white; all or nothing; control or no control.
    They have not enough practice in using faith to experience the in-between, the paradoxes, the unexplainable, and all other things that require faith to grasp.
    They are fearful people, often with a stern facade, and belief systems for (ego) protection.
    The best way to be with an atheist is the same with all people, be loving, patient, tolerant, allowing, forgiving. Time will in such an environment will soon soften them to trust again.
    (A prayer along these lines maybe a thought.)
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  14. Thank you, that is an all new perspective.
  15. Why Juk ? Please do not use impreeessionable age as an excuse. Brother I know you a little better then that and that just does not seem like the Juk I know making a flimsy excuse like that.

    Juk in all truth, I believe you should stay away from places like this or any place that is not building up your faith. If God wanted you to share His word with some one like this then you will either be found wanting or found plentiful. Another words......if you continue to play around with these sites and people who tear down your faith and steal your joy then you are going to be lacking and God will have to pass you up and find some one else to share His Love.

    Now then if you stay away from these places and hang around faith people you will catch this faith and be building your self up and be full of Him and His Love and His word and then you are a prepared and ready vessel that God can say hey Juk my son, see that person over there, go feed him of me. Then you can.

    Brother impressionable age ? OH you crack me up some times brother........I am 56 and have to protect my self because that kind of stuff steals FAITH from any one. It's not an age thing but a better grasp thing. ;)
    Have a wonderful day
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  16. I guess I'm back to my life of only reading the Bible and going on Christian Forum Site...
  17. Juk, I am in agreement with most of the responses here.
    At your age (both temporal and in faith), you need to be discipled. If at all possible you need to find some godly men to learn from and they need to be men that can sit and talk with you face to face. Forums and sites such as this can be exceedingly helpful, and very real fellowship and discipleship can occur here, but there is too much that we can miss or misunderstand. Not to mention the fact that seeing faith being lived out in those around you is a potent motivator.

    As to dealing with atheists...
    I enjoy talking with atheist, agnostics, pagans, and people of differing faith. It is important to remember that they also have faith. The difference lies in what they place their faith in.
    Note the words 'talking with'. I listen and they listen, and I have seen many who have heard the gospel who will never listen to a preacher, a church sign, or demeaning jokes about their beliefs like we see all over the net.
    I have no qualms about getting to the heart of their faith and holding to the light of the law and the gospel, and I make a point of doing so. I can do so without falling from my own faith, and find that the more I do the greater my faith and understanding of God's word grows.
    Not every one can or should do that.
    We all have different giftings and tasks. I have learned mine through trial and error, and (later on) the discernment and wisdom of those who have lived in the faith longer than I have.
    For now focus on prayer and learning.
    Find a Godly man (preferably not a pastor) to disciple you and work with you on a regular basis.
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  18. The more you know God and the stronger your faith gets the more you can withstand what the atheists will throw at you. I have heard and read a lot of very "convincing" arguments against our God and although some of them did shake me in the past, they no longer do so. I will warn you ahead of time that you will most likely encounter some of these "convincing" arguments but resolve right now to not believe them because they are all lies....everyone of them!

    Over time you will come to see that a lot of these arguments are the same just dressed up in different forms.
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  19. Ya know this is just about all i do....and for me, to study the real thing (The Word of God) so that one can not get affected or enticed or swayed by the world is the only thing that keep me in a good place.

    How long has it been since you really started diggin into and reading the Bible?
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    One thing to always remember is that if you are 100% in your faith and count God and Jesus as knowledge and take them seriously, the affects of those who persecute you will wash off of you. After altering my thinking, I have found something that give me courage.

    Realizing that everything others say against God isn't true, shouldn't affect me. Knowing their "knowledge" is equal to garbage, makes me not feel affected. Looking towards Heaven and realizing this world will fade away, bring me the courage to persue, and not conform to the world.

    I wrote about a meme option, now I am going back and editing my post.

    I think posting something calling someone a scumbag breaks down their worth, and a meme for atheists is subjective, since not all atheists do certain things. Dealing in absolutes will lead you to become very black and white, leaving you in the sinful ways of being cruel just like those you read post. Don't be a sith (lets see who gets my reference).

    I am 17, and age has nothing to do with faith. It's just a matter of how bad you want it and how close you want to be with God. Knowledge is a gift from YHVH, and allowing YHVH to grant you the knowledge of how to build your faith, spread the gospel, and defend Him will help you tremendously in this area.

    Just be an example of Christ in every part of your life, whereve you go.

    And read the Bible. There are proof of YHVH's existence written in scientific codes and health codes all throughout the Bible. That is so much proof, that is one of my main arguments I use internally when I am going through waters. The Bible is a history book, filled with wonders and knowledge. Study it fowards, backwards, up, and down, until you pass. And help others as well.

    Always Love YHVH, Yeshua, and others.

    Much love :)
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