Assistance Please

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  1. Assistance Please

    Hey all.
    I need a bit of advice please.

    I've always had trouble with sleeping. I've never been able to get to sleep properly.
    I was working yesterday, First time in ages....Another story, and I worked hard and wore my selft out. I was certain that as I had warn myself out, I was going to be able to go to sleep and have a good nights rest.
    I switched my laptop off around half 10, and turned over with my music playing in hte background. I just couldn't get to sleep.
    And I was constantly being bombarded with bad things from the devil.
    Things going wrong, things trying to frighten me, I prayed and prayed for these to stop but they kep on coming back. I even have dreams about things that I do in Church and it all going wrong. I didn't get to sleep til gone midnight which is usual for me because I can never get to sleep.

    Is God testing me or am I jsut an easy target for the devil ?

    Any advice welcome.
  2. Please remember that God does not send burdens. Humans make their own burdens. Proverbs 3 (KJV) gives us instructions on how to manage ourselves with God's help. We can look especially at Proverbs 3:11-12 (KJV) for how God disciplines us when we, ourselves, create problems in our own lives, but saying that God casts burdens on us is a very dangerous thought process.

    When we, ourselves, have any doubts about our Christian walk, we ourselves become a target for Satan's agenda. We, as Christians, have the power of Jesus Christ on our side in having the ability to order evil out of ourselves in His name. However, it is best not to open the door to Satan's spirit in the first place.

    Worries, stresses, irritability and strife are all human frailties. However, if we pray for God's help in dealing with these things, He will hear our prayers. Also, please remember what is stated in 1 Corinthians 10:13 (KJV), "13 There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it."

    There is an excellent analysis and study on this subject located here: analysis.
  3. I think that what you are experiencing sounds like a natural phenomenon. You turn off your lap top late, then lay down to sleep, and suddenly find yourself thinking of all sorts of stressful and negative things. Part of the main reason for this is because bedtime is the only time you are allowing your mind to rest and incubate thoughts. Try turning your lap top off earlier and giving yourself a good wind down period before bed. Take a walk, then a long bath...... give your mind and body time to relax and prepare for the night. Allow yourself time earlier before bed to think about things. Try journaling before bed. Write it all down, and pray about it before taking that long bath. Don't read before bed. I know that some people like reading before bed and it helps them to wind down and go to sleep..... but for someone like you, it would probably have the same result as being on your laptop. It doesn't fully allow your mind to release, and then you would only have more things going through it. (I know from experience.)
  4. I have horrible issues with insomnia. Long hot bath followed by about an hour of cartoons usually clears my mind. It's become a nightly ritual for me now because I have so many sleep problems.
  5. A racing mind can certainly keep one awake. When I find my mind going at warp speed at night I simply do this:
    Father I commit all these things in your hand, I cannot think about them now and You know I need rest so I give all these situations to You. I am now going to sleep now as I receive peace from you, in Jesus Name I pray amen. Them I lay my head down and go to sleep.
    This generally works pretty well- if any thoughts pop up just give them back to God. Oh and cut out the caffeine and cut down on the sugar.
  6. 1: Pray for sound sleep.
    2: Turn off the Music, Turn on a fan if you need something to cover any noise in the background.
  7. Over the counter non adictive, non narcotic substance that is naturally produced in your body: Melatonin. This will relax you and let you get a good nights sleep. I use it because I have alot of backpain that can keep me up all night and I find it a great help.
  8. WHEW!

    I was once told to try melatonin because I was having trouble sleeping.

    They say it's a natural supplement and your body manufactures it naturally, but sometimes it can help.

    I took it and BAM!!! I was out, and I had the best sleep that I'd had in years!:eek:

    Excellent advice, Bo!:)

    BTW: You know that feeling that you get sometimes when you're watching TV and you're trying to stay awake for your favorite show and then all of a sudden you have no other choice BUT to lay down for just a minute...and once you do this peaceful easiness settles over you like a mother's warm blanket and you can't help but to drift off into a nice, solid sleep? That's melatonin.

    You can also purchase it in pill-form. I get mine at the Grocery Outlet, for about 3-bucks (60 tablets).
  9. The Bible says to drink a glass of wine, I hear that actually helps.

    Rooster: You just made that up!!! Stop making things up!!!

    Bana: No, I swear, it really does!
  10. Hey Banarenth... didn't you mention some time ago that Rooster stayed up all night once to see if he had insomnia?...:eek:
  11. Sort of, He stayed up watching me all night to prove I didn't have insomnia, while I stayed up trying to prove he does.
  12. Thanks all so much for your replies, They mean alot to me.

    @ Pastor Gary, Im sorry, I wasnt thinking straight when I said about God testing me.

    @ Brother Larry & Bookworm, My mind is Always worrying, has fears, stress, problems, my mind never stops and it is hard. I usually don't drink any caffine at night time, I dont even drink coffee, but every now and then I have coca cola.

    @ Brother Larry, That product "Melatonin" could be worth a try, thanks for sharing.

    @ Banarenth, I have jsut recently started to try som differnet red wines, because I know they are good for you, So it could be worth trying just before I go to bed.

    Thanks again for all your replies! :)
  13. I struggled with sleep problems since I was a child... Not being sleepy, mind racing... I tried all I knew, prayer, wine and melatonin, then finally my Doctor prescribed Trazodone and Klonopin ...

    Trazodone is also an antidepressant... It knocks me out after about a hour... Fortunately, I don't have to take it every night... Most nights when I hit the pillow I'm out...

    I mention it because nothing else I researched and tried worked, including herbs and for me I have no side effects with either... No drogginess during the day, ect...

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