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  1. This post is a simple but profound wake up call.

    You don't like how your days have become or like your life and the things that keep happening to you?

    Stop Asking God Why !!
    Stop questioning God as if He is behind these things.!
    Stop questing God to why He did not stop them or protect you better!

    That's Right Just Stop!

    Now take a close look at your life and be totally honest as to how you judge your self.

    Now get in God's word and see how your life compares to His written word.

    OK so you looked at all He said He would do and you find He has not done these for you.

    Now get to the other side of His word. Yes you know what I am talking about. The part that says how we Are To Live or conduct our selves after we are born again.

    Ouch.....not looking so pretty is it?!

    There is your big revelation that you have been looking for. Why yes, it's you. It is you who you need to question.

    Simple solution that works every single time......Repent and turn unto His ways. Admit you have not been walking according to His word.

    Now see this..... Hear this....understand this.

    God is not held Accountable to you with His Every Promise He has spoken just because you got your self born again.

    No !! God is Held Accountable unto His Word. Scripture tells us that His Word Never Returns Unto Him Void.

    What does this mean to you and me?
    It means if we want to Experience His Best for us in our lives then we are going to have to live just as He has shown us in His word. God Honors His Word.

    You say I try but it is not easy.
    Sure it is. Living as God has said to live is the easiest life style there is to live. After all He created us to live such a life.

    The hard part is Not doing things Your way. The hard part is denying your feelings about it and simply doing things His way.

    Look at the season or hour we are in. Things are winding down and the devil is getting squeezed big time. This is the first time He has had Israel on one side squeezing in and the church on the other side squeezing in.

    It's only going to get harder and harder for the slackard that calls them selves a believer. They will struggle and suffer just as the un-saved are.

    God's promises are yes and amen.......however one does have to qualify in order to access these promises.

    How does one qualify? By doing what His word says and it Must Always be accompanied With a Willing Heart And Through Un-Waivering Faith and Trust.

    How well we live while we are here in this earth really comes down to us and how much we desire to live in God's best for us. It is always going to be our choice.

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    This is nice but its not that cut and paste. Even if you do all that god requires....its no guarantee everything will fall into your lap. Just brother is as faithful as they come...much better than I... And he still hasn't gotten the things he's prayed for. I realized it takes alot of faith to believe in god still...despite God not giving you what he wants. Were supposed to love god for who he is not what he gives( something I'm still learning -- I'm human) but yah, my brother works very hard he's not a sluggard..bits just not as easy and cut paste as you make it out to be. Everyone's walk with god is different...and there's nothing wrong with asking why.

    To be honest, you sound pretty angry in this post and if its okay with me asking...why are you?
  3. Hi Autumn
    I apologize that you did not understand what is being said here.

    Slacker is directed as one who is lazy with their Christian walk.

    Also it is impossible for any of us to truly know the spiritual condition of any one because we are not able to know what's in their heart.

    Actually it is just that clear.
    No one including God ever said things just pop into your lap.

    However His word proves true and just each and every time.
    Again I apologize that you don't understand what I am saying.
  4. True but then again His Will is the same for every person. His will is His word and that never changes.

    I did not say it was wrong to seek God and find out where a person is missing it. I did say stop question g God as if it is His doing as if He decided to let it happen to you.
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  5. If its impossible to know their condition how can you assume that they are slacking?
  6. The kjv Bible uses the word slothful.... and can be found in many verses in proverbs.

    Here's the one in Hebrews......
    Hebrews 6:12
    That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises.
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  7. Because it shows in the fruit their life is producing or not producing.

    Every believer who is walking consistently in the ways of God, will be known by their fruit, or their lives will be blessed and such.
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  8. And in all honesty, it's not about judging others''s about judging or examining ourselves to see where we are missing it...the reasons why God cannot bless us or manifest Himself in our lives.

    The Word of God always works! But many believers don't want to accept the fact that there is something that they're not doing. The natural worlds ways is pass the buck and blame someone or something else. And that started with Adam and Eve. Instead of repenting that they ate the fruit, they blamed someone else.
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  9. I think its fine to disagree and I totally do because if you were to look at my brothers life you'd find no fault in him spiritually or physically.
  10. Again this isn't always true, not every prophet lived like David and Solomon.
  11. Blessings to you and your family!
  12. I just dont understand how Jim can say its impossible to judge ones spiritual condition... But you can tell if someone is a slacking Christian? That makes no sense
  13. Old testament and before the cross is a lot different than Today.
  14. Yes, my uncle walked out the mental institution today and is going to see a movie :)
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  15. I think your miss understanding what he is saying.

    If one looks at a person's life and see's no fruit of the spirit then it's obvious that they are a slacking Christian. But as to the condition of someone's heart (inner man), only the person and God can know what's there (1 Corinthians 2:11)
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  16. Glory to God that is awesome!
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  17. People should never judge the Bible's truth, and God's faithfulness by looking at other people's lives.
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  18. Why do you ask me this?
    It has nothing to do with what I am saying?
  19. See the problem there is one could only look through the natural eye. We can not know what so ever what is really going on the inside of a person.

    Now then God may have a different of opinion in this for He knows our hearts and motives and things other people could not possibly know.

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  20. That's because I have not said that.

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