As in the Day of Noah - Gen 6:12

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  2. On the good side, you can treat or erase genetic disorders and possibly bring some extinct animals back among the living.
    On the bad side, I'm sure some idiot will try to make super-soldiers or monstrosities.
  3. Wow. That's some serious stuff right there. You know that since this technology already exists and word is out of it already, that most likely all kinds of experiments have been going on in secret for some time now.
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  4. Brings to light even more of what was happening in the days of Noah. Monsanto is already protected by the US Government and yet it barely made the news. For what do they need protection is everything is okey dokey? If you do a little homework you'll understand why and the worst of it, it's too late. The scriptures are clear that in the days of Noah, ALL flesh, men and animals and thereby plants were modified. After all, they could do things we can't do today, so how far along were they? We'll never know. We only have the scriptures to tell us the truth.
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    Is it possible can you share those scriptures with us? Because as i read the verse that you quoted and have read the story of Noah, i am having trouble getting that the people and plants in Genesis were modified.

    As i read what you worte, i had the thought that just like in the tower of Babel....God is going to allow them to only go so far, before confusion comes and they cannot move forward. I have a friend that i live with who tells us about the things that Monsanto is doing and it really does not set well with me. So i do a lot of praying over the food and trusting that God will lead me to the right things to buy, to keep us healthy.

    Anything that man tries to do without God, is never good. Look at all of the medication out there. Some of the side effects are just as bad or worse, than the symptom that has been produced into the body. And ya know if we all trusted in God for our healing then there would be no side effects except joy and health and knowing that we are loved very deeply.
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  6. The verse quoted in the op:

    "And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth."
    - Gen 6:12 KJV

    Flesh: Basar (בָּשַׂר)
    1. flesh
      1. of the body
        1. of humans
        2. of animals
      2. the body itself
      3. male organ of generation (euphemism)
      4. kindred, blood-relations
      5. flesh as frail or erring (man against God)
      6. all living things
      7. animals
      8. mankind
    Just like us, for them to learn how to corrupt the flesh of animals, they had to have started with plants. The fact that the word "corrupted" is feminine means it's referring to the earth (feminine), all of it, not just bad men, which is masculine.
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    Yep... we forget, though, OUR takeaway....

    Matt 24:25 "Behold, I have told you before"

    As impossible as these things must have sounded 2,000 years ago - and even 50 years ago... EVEN to most Churchgoers TODAY.

    What do you mean "All flesh was corrupt upon the earth" - that somehow, animals were being "Mixed" into things that God did not intend... That is just foolish.... You are nuts....

    "Behold, I have told you before".....

    Even though all this stuff is going on - and we have no control over it... There is seemingly nothing WE can do to "Fix" this.... and it seems so obvious to us - BAD, unintended consequences..... But - we aren't "Surprised" that it's going on...

    God has showed us in advance - AND in many ways, He has already provided the remedy.... Look at Leviticus 19 - You shall not "Mix" different types of grain in the same field... You shall not breed diverse types of livestock, etc... ALL pointing towards "You shall not monkey around with genetics"....

    But - then as now - we won't listen..... Even so "Behold, I have told you before"....

    See, we TOTALLY NEGLECT that The Law MAY have an actual purpose for today.. To Christians! We neglect Isaiah 55:11 - "So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: It shall not return to me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.."

    That as Jesus himself stated - The Law is NOT done.. Jesus HIMSELF declared that He has NOT done away with The Law... It STILL has a purpose - even for today.... There are aspects of The Law that have not been "Fulfilled" - though they were given 3,500 years ago....
  8. Thank you for looking this up. I appreciate your time spent! Sorry that when i asked for the Scripture...i forgot that you had already quoted it.
    thanks for being patient!
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  9. I realize that all of this stuff is happening today, but i do believe there is something that we can still do. We have a responsibility to the Word of God to begin to rule the government through prayer. To rule this earth (like God created us originally) but it has to be by speaking God's Word, so that what He desires and has put into force will do what it is supposed to do. It is not time to give in and give up....thinking that we have no say. It is time to fight the good fight of faith, and become in agreement with the Word. Calling those things that be not as though they were.

    God is getting ready to move in the earth, like never before....are we going to be standing by just waiting for the rapture, looking for the signs? Or are we going to be about His Kingdom Business? Ushering people into the body, before the clock runs out.
    I for one choose to be where ever the move of God is and be in the middle of what He is doing.

    Blessings to you all
  10. Not a problem :D
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