Army Briefing Labels Evangelical Christians As A Terror Threat

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    This is scary stuff. Long ago, I came to the conclusion that the 'God and Country' mentality of American Christians has been an egregious mistake. Can we continue to honor the military in our churches when it is becoming increasingly obvious that a crackdown on believers may be coming from the very institution we have honored so highly? Thoughts?
  2. There are several problems mixed together in this. First off, the power players that rule the world despise Christianity and are willing to do whatever they can to bring about it's demise. Second, whether genuine or not, there has been an extremist Dominionist movement that has been flagrantly open in the military and this has been giving the athiests ammunition to persecute and marginalize Christians in general. Also, at least in the US military, all those who have an ounce of morals are being weeded out by the administration. It's going to get very ugly in the not so distant future.
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  3. Unfortunately this is nothing new-as a Junior NCO in the US Army 17 years ago I sat in 'briefings' / training that classified our fore fathers as the original domestic terrorists and all types of 'religious extremism' to include the "Christian Right Wing". With the availability of 'pocket technology' it is getting easier to leak this info out AND actually have proof. Keep in mind that folks who do the whistle-blowing put their lives at great risk to do so.

    It most definitely needs to get more attention from the citizens of this country because 'conspiracy theories' are not conspiracy theories if they are in fact truly happening. Any time some snippet of Intel gets leaked out the gubment automatically goes into damage control mode and throws a lot more disinformation out than anything else. One of their favorite tactics to label everything a 'conspiracy theory' so the general public won't spend any time in digging up the truth.

    Any one else remember Oli North being shushed about talking about a 'secret government' being built in the US during Iran-Contra under the guise of 'National Security'. That's how they cover so much up-just make it classified and toss it under the National Security blanket.

    US Military Psychological Operations does most of its work in the US-in military bases and liberal colleges.....(started by the same folks who created the CIA after the big WWII importation of Nazis to the USA.) Oh that's just a crazy conspiracy theory...PFFT! Lets not look at history before they completely rewrite the history books-ANOTHER CONSPIRACY THEORY! Just like Evolution is a 'science' and not a religion.....

    EXAMPLE: Consider how many people actually believe that the second amendment is for 'hunting' yet they have never even read it or pondered the meaning and implication of said amendment. That's why most public schools don't teach a local government class anymore-it is all UN Common Core 'international law' and political science nowadays (Just another PSYOP conspiracy theory...)
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  4. I cannot help but see parallels to the way Jews were demonized in Germany prior to the Holocaust, or the way the early Church was demonized in the ancient Roman Empire. I share Glomung's fear that things are going to get rough. In our postmodern society, anyone who insists that absolute truth exists will be an 'enemy of the people'.
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  5. I'm convinced it is Communist residue. What people forgot about Communism was that it was intentionally an Atheistic regime--but not just Atheistic, but very anti-religious. It's what led to my Jewish great grandparent fleeing Soviet Russia. Some of the Churches there have been converted into public bathrooms as a means to insulting the faith. They used propaganda slogans like "We must achieve liquidation of the Church and complete liquidation of religious superstitions!"
  6. We are seeing a slow Communistic type revolution in this country, and it has been going on for many years. I think Joe McCarthy was probably right about the Communist influence in this country in his day. I believe that the revolution is nearing total success since the election of Obama. Everything I am seeing indicates a hard future for the nation and for anyone who holds to anything resembling historic Christianity.

    Christians in America have made idols of the flag, the constitution, and the military. I have seen many churches holding 'Military Appreciation' events. I think the idol is about to turn on us in all likelihood. I used to be one of the strong right wing 'God and Country' types until I recognized fully the fact that Satan is the god and Prince of this world and all it's kingdoms.
  7. I know what you mean, Mr. Darby. There is in many circles this almost deification of American patriotism. If you say anything bad about the flag, or about Abraham Lincoln, or the Constitution, then you have committed sacrilege. It's a bit cultish.
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  8. I've gone back and forth regarding the flag on our platform in the Youth area. I'm not really against it, but I think that everything that we display on the platform says something about us. What does the American flag say? Beyond any agreement/disagreement concerning the currently political situation, what does it say to those who enter your church who aren't American for one?

    The problem is, removing it also makes a statement, and that statement can be just as bad. Churches around the country are operating from a purely defensive stance, and that's not a good place to be. In the end, the flag remains more because I do not want to offend, rather than because I believe it makes the right statement about what we believe, and that alone is a compromise that I wonder if we should make.
  9. I have been a part of churches for a number of years now that do not have the flag on the platform. I think Christians need to realize that we are not called to represent America, or any other kingdom of this world. Our citizenship is in heaven, and we need to put our ultimate loyalty there. I don't think there's anything evil in loving the place where one is born, but sometimes we tend to take it too far. I care about my country, and I want what is good for it. But many seem to think that America is God's special pet. That everything we do is right in God's eyes because we have some kind of special relationship with him. But in fact, America is no more special to God than any other nation. God will use us for his purposes and then dispose of us when we reach a certain level of sin. Just as he did with Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Greece, and Rome. If we take Romans 1 seriously, I think our nation's days may be numbered as a great and prosperous nation.
  10. Most Americans have been sucked into a thing called 'Nationalism'. Lest we forget we is currently running the planet in the shadows-at least until the King of Light returns....

    Nationalism, Capitalism-turning into- 'National Socialism' and 'State Capitalism'. NOT The same things.
  11. What exactly do you mean by “fore fathers”? The founders of U.S.? If so, the irony is extreme and those fellows place themselves into an unsolvable logical paradox: they protect the country from the founders of the country.

    I cannot stress enough how true that is. Unfortunately.

    And also paradoxically, since that would be for them a logical paradox: if something is absolutely wrong, there’s their proclamation of an absolute. An absolute that is absolutely wrong…

    While I agree with your other comments, I still think that you’re somewhat naïve if you believe that electing one or another makes a difference. For example, three POTUS were members of “skull and bones”. Would you guess their party?

    I think U.S. days were numbered from quite some time ago. For example, from the moment it gave away their money rights to Fed. Or the moment it allowed evolution into schools - exclusively.
  12. Just another proof that man can not create a government to govern himself.

    I'm waiting for the government of God(YHWH). I hope He(Jesus) gets here soon.
  13. You were mistaken if you believe that I am suggesting that electing one party or another will make any difference. I was just pointing out that Obama is bringing to fruition what has been going on for some time.
  14. Yes-I mean George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Paul Revere, etc..

    Yes- You are correct-it is an illogical 'nationalist' mentality paradox-intentionally created to create confusion and question the foundation of the United States of America. This is one of the missions of PSYOPS and in the the grand scheme of things a tool of the devil. Satan/ Lucifer ' the devil', the 'spiritual wickedness in high places' uses deception through confusion-the old divide and conquer technique.

    Just look at how disjointed the USA is in: economics, education, personal finances, legislation, political parties, health care, immigration, racial issues, abortion, homosexuality, etc, etc, etc....This is one sign that the devil has been very busy concentrating his efforts on destroying the USA. Like it or not, the USA has roots in the Church. The Church and Satan cannot coexist. Unfortunately for the lost-the ways of the 'world' are more appealing to the flesh.

    "Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?"
  15. Brother Mike,

    I think you have it wrong that only U.S. is almost dead. In fact, the entire world is.

    I have read all sorts of materials showing how corrupt the world is. Including Christian Churches - for example adopting (whether knowingly or not, that’s another question) pagan symbols, including the cult of the sun. So no surprise that heliocentrism was conceived and encouraged by figures such as Giordano Bruno, who was nothing more than a witch - check his writings.

    Also, other parts of today’s “science” come not from scientists (as we are taught in schools) but from people that had nothing to do with science. For example, the nebular hypothesis (how the planets in our solar system formed) comes a fellow who thought he had psychic powers and thus talked to people on Saturn and Jupiter and they confirmed his hypothesis (solar flares cooling down and eventually forming a planet). And today we learn that nonsense in schools, as science.

    But I won’t discuss further the sun worship, since I know many participants here are either Catholics or Orthodox, and I don’t want to offend them. However I do want to state this: if Catholics believe that they are the true Christian Church and the others are not, they are mistaken. And if the Orthodox believe that, they are also mistaken. And if the Protestants believe that, they too are mistaken - severely. None of the formal Churches is truly Christ’s Church. It cannot be. Why? Because if there is one thing we can claim for certain about people is that they make mistake. All of them, all of us. Thus, any assembly of us (including a Church) can only make mistakes too. To believe otherwise is a logical fallacy.

    In my view, Christ’s Church can only be seen by God: it’s the sum of individuals (regardless of denomination) who battle with their hearts. Not those that take pride in following a ritual or another, or in not having rituals.

    So let’s instead talk about things that we all can talk about.

    I will make this claim, and it’s a serious claim: nothing in this world is what it seems.

    For example, our money. Indeed, is our money money? Or is it only the illusion of the real money? Since Lysander showed his support for the Austrian school of economics, I am waiting for his intervention before taking this one deeper.

    How about the universe? The formal universe? Is it real, or is it an illusion? Well, by now I think you already know my opinion. And in general, if the world is away from God, then so are its paradigms. Therefore, logically, by this alone, none of the formal paradigms (including biological evolution) can be true. Because truth only belongs to God - and the world excludes God when postulating its paradigms.

    How about the world’s values? Are they really values or not? Let’s see. Guess what one that has 10 Mercedes in his garages wants? Yep, another Mercedes. And what exactly would want one that has 100 pairs of shoes? Yep, another pair. How about one that has 10 academic titles? Yep, another title.

    So indeed, no matter how many things of this world we have, we are never satisfied. Because those things cannot bring satisfaction. Moreover, they are only illusion of wealth. If when having 10 Mercs you can’t claim you’re wealthy, how could possibly another Merc change that situation?

    I personally know somebody who has millions of Euros. He has 2 Mercs (both customized by Brabus, so that’s much more than a Mercedes), and he cannot sleep because he’s negotiating with Brabus a new car. Yep, another Merc. And guess what he’ll want next year? (he already changed 5 Mercs so far)

    He also can’t sleep because he doesn’t know where to keep his money. What bank, what currency. Whenever the bank calls him he shudders in his chair. He makes call after call, he watches financial TV shows, and so on. All in the fear of losing his money. And whenever we meet he’s concerned about only one thing: how to make more money. And when he’ll have another million added, guess what exactly would he want next? Yep, a further million. And so on. It never ends.

    Now you tell me: does he have that money, or does that money have him?

    Ironically, there’s one thing that in the late months has taken my attention: money. So, am I any different? [I’m trying to write a book defending a literal Bible (the YEC view) both Biblically and scientifically - and I have no money to do it.]
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  16. We ARE living in the matrix! ;) I am not sure we have a disagreement at all?

    The troubles with the world started about 7000 years ago in my opinion: 'there ain't nuthin new under the sun....'

    Don't misinterpret my post- I KNOW the USA is long gone-the people walking around with their eyes and ears still closed don't know that yet though-we must reach them with the truth-we must reach them with comprehend able earthly 'truths' so they will open their hearts to the Spiritual Truth: John 3

    I try to relate truths with my own personal experience: hence my above posts...
  17. Has anyone here actually looked at the material they're referencing? I have, and in full context it isn't as bad as the alarmists are making it seem.
  18. I'm not sure the question is "how bad is it?" so much as it is "is this happening?"
  19. Is what happening?
  20. An attack on religion from the State.

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