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  1. Where can I read about the armors of God in the Bible?
  2. Try Ephesians 6 and Isaiah 59 ... Hope this is what you are looking for.
  3. That's great! Thanks.
  4. You are very welcome.
  5. And one thing to remember/notice when you read about the armor, it covers the front.

    We are meant to cover each others back.
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  6. Oh, I must have missed that. :oops:
  7. It's not in there as such, but if you analyze the armor and picture a soldier, you can see the back is not as well protected.

    Thus, we believers must watch each others back. Fight back-to-back as it were.
  8. I see, so we aren't meant to stand alone or against each other for that matter. That makes sense. :)
  9. Not alone and certainly NOT against each other!
  10. lol, I know.
  11. Hi Christine,

    The other thing to understand about the armor is that it is not about just praying a prayer over ourselves. Some people pray each morning, "I put on the belt of truth, I put on the breastplate of righteousness .." etc. That's fine, but each of the pieces of the armor are really about how we are to live ... we live in truth, righteousness etc. For more details, go to


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  12. yup yup! Jesus said the enemy is not of flesh...forgot the verse lol

    but check out my sig! lol cool huhhh
  13. Yep, if you notice the armor of God is a protection that comes by actions: breastplate of (righteousness), belt of (truth), sheild of (faith).. By doing or living in these things we are protected by the armor of God.
  14. Can't speak for anybody else but Jesus Christ has got MY back! ;)

    My brothers and sisters fight by my side but I know Jesus has ALL our backs as long as we stay close to HIM because NOBODY can come between me and my Saviour.
  15. I think that was just pretty much what was said before, just in a different way...

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