Ark of the covenant to be revealed?

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Kevin, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. Just my opinion: I do not believe that to be the same Ark in heaven as Moses had as it was not the same Tabernacle or anything else related was nothing more than a "shadow of the real".

    Either way you are right this will be interesting.:)
  2. You make a good point.
  3. It'll probably be said to be the New World under one government. Conform, take the microchip, and be a prisoner in this new world, or you won't be saved. Maybe the Pope will declare this to be true. The world is still wanting a king, when God is to be our King supernaturally.

    The *Arch is the rainbow after every time it rains. :) God is our King from the inside. From deep. Supernaturally. In Spirit and in Truth.
  4. The Ark of the Covenant was the golden box that was kept in the Holy of Holies in the temple and contained the stone tablets with the Law engraved on them. Nothing to do with the arch (totally different word) of the rainbow.


  5. Do the stones even really exist anymore?

  6. N I aint gettin no chip. I'll starve first. The only chip I got is on my shoulder n I can deal with that 1 LOL:D

    I have my KING JESUS! period. :cool::israel:

    Chili out
  7. Anyone see and Ark revealed yesterday? I only saw a small amount of news but no mention of an Ark.
  8. It did not happen! Just as I thought!
  9. Seems like a spin story.

    Ark of the Covenant will not be shown: Ethiopia priest | Top News | Reuters

    I was thinking about this over the weekend. If they did reveal the ark, and archeologists proved it to be genuine. This piece of archeological evidence would have the power to destroy or prove the actual existence of the 10 commandments and most of the Pentateuch.

    The revealing of the actual ark could also lead to war, because the Jews would almost definitely claim possesion as it is very sacred to their beliefs.

    Cant wait to get to heaven, so all can be revealed!
  10. i would rather see a coloured arch and think of God,that putting him in a box.i don,t think they could make a box to hold God,just a thought.
  11. Mike before Christ came God kept His manifest presence limited to that Ark to keep the Hebrews from being consumed as sin cannot stand in His holy presence.

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