Are You Ready For The Lord's Return?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Sandy Zalecki, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. If you are like me you are so ready for the Lord’s return. All my Christian life I have been waiting patiently for Him to come back and clean up the mess that we humans have made of this planet.

    But are we really ready for His return? Matthew 25 gives us an overview of how to be ready for Christ’s return.

    Number one. We must be always diligent and always looking for His return. The parable of the 10 wise and 10 foolish virgins is in Matthew 25:1-13. We must be “faithful and wise.” The parable of the ten virgins explains the need for wisdom. The ten wise virgins were prepared but the 10 foolish virgins were not. We need to study and be wise to the signs of His return.

    Number two. We need to be faithful. It is interesting that the Lord uses the word “talent” here to explain this parable. I know that a talent in His time was a denomination of money just like a dollar is now, but we could use this parable also to refer to the talents that He gives us. What is your talent and are you using it to give glory to God? What is your anointing and your vision for your life? You need to know what you vision is and use if for the glory of the Lord.

    Number three. You need to use your talents and vision to help the least of the least. Who can you think of in your society that is poor, underprivileged, and persecuted?

    Have you ever visited anyone in prison or do you feel they are “those people” and you would not visit them? How about the sick? Are you doing anything to help the sick? We have so many needs in society that I am sure you can find someone that to help.

    The Lord’s return is eminent. I wish He would have come yesterday, but until he does we are commanded by Him to be wise, faithful, and giving to the poor.
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  2. I've been ready for years.
    It will be a while before He returns though, still quite a few things that need to happen first.
  3. I am ok with Him not returning as of yet. My daughter will be one in several days and there is so much I want to show her and do with her.

    If He comes, He comes, but if He tarry's, that's ok as well.
  4. Yes:
    I feel that it is this month.Gas prices are down,the Muslims can't get their act together,and we have been warned;peace and
    safety,then sudden destruction.
    Bought expensive gift for spouse.
    Wrote letters to all relatives,asking,how you'll doing...???,also,added an old photograph,to keep.
    Stopped envying the cat and Trump.

  5. Let me hug you for that, but I think you're wrong: if you think you're ready, then you're not ready yet.

    I have to admit that I laughed at this. A bitter laugh. It's about me, not you: there’s so much of me I still have to clean until meeting the Lord…

    You’ll have an entire eternity…
  6. Ahhh, you are correct, but will there be hockey and football games to bring her to? How about deep sea fishing, and white-tail deer hunting?

    These are the things that I want to do with her. I want to show her Yellowstone National Park, I want to show her where her daddy grew up, and even the Rocky statue.
  7. I look east every morning and often throughout the day.

    If I do anything to help someone, I try not to let my left hand know what the right hand is doing.

    No, I'm not a righteous man, but I strive to be every day.

    Sandy, thank you for this thread.
  8. Naomanos, I'm afraid you really should look up who God is. Or what Heaven is. Try the Bible. If you really think you'll lose something by going into Heaven, you cannot possibly be more wrong.

    Dumpster, why exactly would you look East?
  9. That will be the direction from which Messiah Jesus will return, and I like taking pictures of the beautiful sunrises we get here in SW Florida.

  10. no_one, what I am expressing are innocent thoughts of things that I want to show and do with my daughter before our Lord returns. They are nothing more than that and I did say that if He comes, He comes.

    Sometimes, other Christians can be so serious rather than looking at something so innocent as the love a father is showing his daughter by wanting to show and do things that they can both enjoy together and smiling at the thoughts of another that do no harm.
  11. The Lord will first come to Spain where I live and where there is a great desire for his coming. We are not so blessed as you guys in the States or the UK with so many churches and variety of denominations. Here only the biblical christians have heard of his second coming. Most catholics here dont even know who Jesus really is!!. So by order of priority the needy first!!. Blessings Julio191
  12. Any Biblical support for that? Perhaps Matthew 24:27?

    And speaking of East and West, could you tell me right now which way the Moon orbits Earth? Don’t check, just tell. You’ll see later why.

    Oh, and my view is that the sky will be rolled away just like a piece of paper (that is, the depth of the entire universe !). And then we’ll see the Son of God in His Glory. All of us at the same time, regardless if we are in America, Australia or Europe or wherever.

    Please forgive me, I didn’t mean to be sarcastic. I’m sorry if you saw it that way. Having said that, I don’t think you understood me. Where exactly do you think your love for your daughter comes from? And where exactly does your daughter come from? Don’t answer to me, answer to yourself. And when you manage to give the right answer, then you’ll understand what I said.

    I think the Lord will first come to everywhere.

    I do believe that, as a whole, there are more Christians in such conditions than if only one Church. Some people really don’t like Catholic rituals. And others really don’t like the Protestants. (And the Orthodox of course claim that only they are the true Church of Christ - just as the others claim.) So having options, as a whole, I think reports more Christians than otherwise.

    However, the very same thing (denominations) speaks loudly how bad Christians we are, if we interpret things to mean so abrupt differences. In other words, while it is (mathematically) true that there are more Christians in the world due to differences between us, the same differences show how little Christians we are. So I don’t think it’s a bless. At all. In fact, I wish I lived in a world where things are black and white. So that can be no misunderstanding. But in the end, it is us (and only us) who made those shades of grey.

    That cannot be.

    That really cannot be!

    OK, I’ll drop my case. :)
  13. See I know a lot of the bible, but I have to search for where it is. And I did look up Matthew 24:27, and that is where it is mentioned. earlier I did some searching, but when you put 'east' into strongs' concordance, you get a lot of scriptures.

    As for the moon it goes westward across the sky.

    Added: and feel free to test me, we should test each other.
  14. Judging by the rebellious Spirits and lack of love I encounter everyday, I think that it could be said that many Christians do not know who Jesus really is. Fortunately, I also see those that really, really do, and they make life so refreshing.
  15. Welcome among the geocentrists !!

    Be prepared, however: you will be called in all sorts of “friendly” manners, such as nuts, crazy, fool etcetera. But I think in general Christians should be called that, otherwise they’re not Christian enough. Remember that the world is not God’s world. It has never been. From all the books of the Bible, the Flood takes place in the very first: Genesis. Moreover, in its early chapters. So if the world looks kindly on me, then I’m not much of a Christian.

    I’m tested enough. So I’ll presume others (you for example) are too and therefore skip that.
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