Are you on facebook or myspace?

Discussion in 'Technology and Internet' started by Jeffin, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. Are you on facebook or myspace?

    Just out curiosity... what other social networking site are you on? Facebook? MySpace? Any other? :)
  2. I am on myspace. I am almost never on it though.
  3. I have a myspace. I never use it since I have the web page/blog. The only reason I got it was to deem it the offical Myspace page of me to where no 'spoofers' would get a page and try to be me.
  4. I used to be on myspace, mostly because some of my coworkers are on the site. I left because I didn't like the advertising, the site was slow, and I didn't like having 14 year olds asking to "be my friend".

    I am on a Christian alternative to myspace called shoutlife.
    You can customize your page just like on myspace.

    this is my relatively unadorned page;
  5. Yes sir, I know who I am and I wouldn't bother....
    it really confused me!
    When I first registered all these people I knew automatically popped up and now I can't find them!
    No big deal, I had a little nervous breakdown and shut it off!!!:p:):D

    I have this and my blog and that is enough!

    Unless someone talks me into it and shows me what to do.....and I change my mind, down the road!
    Til then~[​IMG]
  6. Ok, Brother Sylv, I opened up my email and I have all these friends from Facebook......maybe I will give it a 2nd try
  7. OK, Mr. Sylvanus, I am a woman, you know, so I can change my mind very often!:rolleyes:

    I am actually having fun on Facebook though I don't have everything figured out yet.

    You know what this means?
    You and your goldfish HAVE to join!!! [​IMG]
  8. Why I was asking this is because CFS may have a social networking aspect sometime later. The software is only being developed and hasn't even been released for public testing. The blogs will change and look nicer. :) No data from the existing blogs will be lost. :)
  9. That would be very cool! I just signed up for a ShoutLife account!
  10. Thanks Jeff, too bad the person above you won't join too!:p

    Or will he?????:)
  11. Shannon, how's 'bout you?
  12. Oh, I've seen that. Someone used to post here talking about it. I think I still have an account of that one. it was cool, but not very active when I checked it out.
  13. We all have to get on myspace now.
    We have to support our admin!!!!:):):)
    Right everybody?
  14. sob.. sob.. Im lonely. No just kidding. :D
  15. Already joined the group :D

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