Are You Mastered By Anything?

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  1. “I have the right to do anything,” you say—but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”—but I will not be mastered by anything.

    Is there anything in your life that you feel you can't give up? Money, home, food, people?
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    Money is a big one for me, but I wouldn't say it's 'mastering' me. But in my repentance I am caring less and less about money and putting trust in the Lord that He will provide everything that I need. This doesn't mean that I will not take care of my monetary obligations (i.e. rent, car payment, cell phone bill, etc), it means that I will no longer let it 'master' me (so to speak) by making me stress about it.
  3. I've been thinking about this whole mastered thing a lot today. I think it means anything that should be in our control, but we can't control, has mastered us. For example, they say a lot of people in America struggle with weight. Maybe there is something going on spiritually? I wonder if it is safe to say most people are a slave to their weight.. Are most people happy with the weight they are at? Or do they wish they could lose a few pounds, or maybe gain a few pounds?

    I want to know what things might be mastering me. Since my weight hasn't gone up or down in a long time, I'm curious if it has mastered me or do I have it mastered. To test this out, I'm going to make it a goal of mine to lose 30 pounds in 30 days, and then gain 30 pounds in another 30 days. Hopefully I am not mastered by weight. Feel free to take the challenge with me. :)

    04.07.14- 191 lbs
  4. Why test it? Wouldn't that be like someone who dealt with issues of lust and sexual desire to test it by walking into a strip club to see if it was still master over them? :confused: This is not to be combative, I just want to know your thoughts.

    I used to be super skinny and did everything I could to gain weight. I was 150 pounds 3 years ago and managed to put on 30 pounds of muscle in the past 3 years. I look and feel much better but I'm not necessarily any healthier than I was before. I was much more worried about my self image than I was my health. Since then I've gotten better at staying healthy by working out. I've switch my train of thought from doing it for other people to doing it for myself (and for God because I believe he wants all of us to be healthy:)).
  5. Hi brother! No it would not be like testing sexual sin. The bible says to flee from that.
  6. Are we not to flee from all sin?

    P.S. I'm still a baby Christian (one year saved this month!), be gentile ;)
  7. Yes, krystals chili cheese fries :x

    And Brian you are really new :)
    Although Im 22 im spiritually4 yrs old than you.

    I have rank BWahaha :p : D

    Hope ur having a happy journey with our lord ^~^
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  8. If you want a better experiment than weight, try time. Willingly submit your time to God and let Him control it. See how many areas of mastery that covers. Time is a real test of faith.
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