are you jewish.?

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  1. are you jewish.?

    we follow the covenant of noah,and of Jesus.we are given no other.?:smiley90:
  2. we are grafted into the vine.
  3. if you read scripture it says if the base is pure,the vine is pure.don,t forget what Jesus said 0 israel Gods lost sheep.we are grafted in because they left the way.
  4. none of us could conform to the old testament laws.only Jesus did.he is our saviour.
  5. Correct. I am a "natural" Jew, but it didn't mean a thing because without Christ I was more than lost. Doubly so for being associated with my ancestors who widowed themselves when they crucified their Husband.
    Having been broken off from the tree, I am grafted in now, just like anyone would be in Christ :) In Christ, there is neither Jew nor Greek, male or female even, for we are all one in Christ!
  6. :smiley90: GOOD POST and yes it is more than revealed to us in the book of Revelations that Jesus Christ is our TREE OF LIFE , we also find this evidenced in Genesis ,so from Genesis to Revelations we can know Jesus is our TREE OF LIFE . God of course took care of the sin dilemma regarding all human kind .

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