Are you hungering to get free ?

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  1. Are you hungering to get free ?

    Are you hungering to get free from sin and its power?-Anyone longing to get complete victory over his temper, his pride, and all his evil inclinations?-Hearts longing for the time when no clouds will come between them and their God?-Longing to walk in the full sunshine of God’s loving favour? The very God who brought you from the Egypt of darkness is ready and able to bring you also into the Canaan of rest.

    Andrew Murray
  2. What is the way by which God will bring me to this rest? What is needed on my part if God is really to bring me into the happy land? I give the answer first of all by asking another question:-Are you willing to forsake your wanderings in the wilderness? If you say “We do not want to leave our wanderings, where we have had so many wonderful indications of God’s presence with us; so many remarkable proofs of the Divine care and goodness, like that of the ancient people of God, who had the pillar to guide them, and the manna given them every day for forty years; Moses and Aaron to lead and advise them. The wilderness is to us, on account of these things, a kind of sacred place; and we are loath to leave it.”

    Andrew Murray
  3. Much like the Hebrew children we oft find ourselves walking around the desert with sandals that do not wear out and a little dose of daily manna. While this was meant for temporary provision we were never meant to live on the fringe of God's promises. We are called to and promised so much more selah

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