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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Egraine, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. It is always so nice to say "hi" to someone new in this Welcome section of the forum and help encourage new people to feel free to post. I've noticed that this site gets a reasonable influx of new members, but many times the only time that they post is in the 'welcome' area, rarely if ever to be heard from again. This saddens me. In my opinion, while it is important to think about appropriate content and adherence to the forum rules before pushing the "Create Thread" or "Post Reply" button, it is also equally important to not be afraid to post.

    Perhaps some may feel that they can't write very well, or maybe that they don't think that they have anything important to contribute. I think this hesitation is in part the work of negative forces trying to keep us from expressing or exploring our love for the Lord and trying to prevent us from encouraging others in their walk with the Lord. Whether the author of the post or reply is a seasoned scholar, or someone who is newly seeking opening their life to God, the most important aspect in posting /replying, in my opinion, is a genuine heart, a love for the Lord (or at least a true desire to learn more about the Lord in the case of the new seeker), and an authentic incentive by the poster/replier to encourage other Christians by sharing their faith and life experiences in a helpful, loving manner.

    Even seemingly simple questions posited by those new to Christianity are often the basis of extremely valuable discussions that benefit all members of the fellowship, all the way from seasoned professionals to the spectrum of seeking neophytes. We are all equal within the body of our fellowship - no one is higher than another, and as such each one of us has something valuable to contribute to the whole. We must not be afraid to voice our thoughts when they are applicable to a conversation in progress, if they involve a topic possibly interesting to others, when someone needs prayer or encouragement, or when the member is sincerely seeking their own clarification on an issue. Failure to add our pertinent thoughts and comments by allowing fear or other similar personal restraints to hold us back, deprives the entire community of potentially valuable insights and somewhat undermines the entire purpose of an open forum.

    I would encourage all of those who feel hesitant to post to just find a topic area comfortable to them where they have some thoughts or ideas to add, and then just jump in and express themselves. Every voice is valuable, and we are stronger in our fellowship if we step forth from the shadows and try to share ourselves with others. I am not suggesting that one needs to post/reply just for the sake of writing something down, but when there is a topic being discussed that resonates with the reader or there's something on their mind, then I would most heartily encourage them to just go for it. The resulting gift to this community is that everyone here will be richer for the contribution.
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  2. AMEN Egraine
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  3. Nicely put, Egraine!

    Yes, it does look like many have signed up over the years and then disappeared but most Christian forums show that as very common or the way it goes online. However, I think this forum has an excellent welcoming and supportive atmosphere due to the work of a few very committed members on staff especially in praying for others here and taking the time to not just read but respond to posts on a regular basis. I am encouraged because just since I joined up in late April I have noticed how many are coming and staying. Quite frankly I think the Holy Spirit is bringing them and even bringing some back who have been just the right time to share and to also continues to build an online community in which we get to know God better and learn to respect the viewpoints of others. So, let's keep encouraging each other to remain active. Thanks for starting this thread.


    sandpiper >o<
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  4. It would be great if new members just said hello and a shared a little bit about themselves; I've noticed many don't do it (not even sure I did)... that sometimes breaks the ice. All of us come to these forums to learn so there's no need to be embarrassed about any respectful question or comment.
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  5. Thank You sandpiper for the wonderful assessment about cfs and staff. To Many of us it is a ministry rather then just another forum. Always ready to bring Light and share the Truth of God's Word.

    Amen, We have been praying over cfs for some time and have seen God bring forth many changes and I believe He is preparing cfs to be used greatly for Him.

    It's also the wonderful members such as yourself that make cfs a wonderful place to be. That's why behind the scenes we go to great lengths protecting our members and keeping them safe.

    Thank you again
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  6. Amen! I fully agree!

    God bless you all
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  7. Absolutely CORRECT!!!

    I agree totally!!!
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  8. i do like reading more than anything. And I have found this place the only forum worthy of quiet reading where there is no distraction and bickering and quarrels seems non Exsistant. Which is lovely and peaceful.
    Since I'm new to Christianity and like to know how to apply the teachings, I find here is a good place to learn from gifted members and helpful advice and positive prayers. the mods do an AMAZING job, , as I was lost the day before I came here, and I got poached by a turtle which has given me confidence in Gods Love and His Good Works and how to pray. I still fumble about a bit, practicing it all
    I must say if your new to all this then I garuntee you will Recieve a free gift from the ......

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  9. Hmm I think I know where I am going fishing next!!
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  10. I like Trout, Bass and Croakers......
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  11. Croakers? Lol
    But bass is good. Twang twang
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  12. Oh yea, they are a little small but still good.
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    i'm new here and love it

    for me it's getting to know the forum and where to post

    is it ok for new people to post all their stuff in their welcome thread?

    you guys are awesome

    your forum is so peaceful with God's peace

    you must be doing something right

    love you
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  14. Hello Truthfrees,

    We like to have the welcome forum for new members as an introduction section so that we all know where to go to welcome our new members. It does take a little while to get adjusted to forums. Also if you post in a forum and a staff member moves it to the correct forum, you will get a (pm) from a staff member informing you that your post was moved and where they moved it too. No worries here as we are here to help and enjoy one another. So just remember the following and you will be fine.
    Under each forum there is a brief description of what can be posted in that forum. Just take a look around and if you need assistance, just let a moderator/helper know and we will be more than happy to assist.
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  15. Thank you very much for those kind words. We really love what we do and love the fellowship here at CFS.
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  16. awesome.

    thank you so much

    God bless you
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  17. There have been people who post whatever they are concerned with in their intorduction. And they may say hello.. I'm so and so... And I'm having issues with Whatever. Those posts are not moved.. And many people who come into welcome them, minister grace to them where ever they are. And try to answer their questions in that thread. We don't force anyone to make a new thread with their concerns or issues. We are pretty lenient on things like this. As long as there is no disruption and the person is ministered to, or walks away feeling welcomed and attended to.. is really the main point.

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  18. thanks so much for that explanation

    God Bless you
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  19. I am fairly new and have been actively replying, but I think I may have missed an instruction page somewhere? At one point there was a line that said 'you do have sufficient credits to reply'? Is there is an instruction page that goes through the menus to help new folk it would be helpful and I may have just missed it. Also, when I joined a couple of weeks ago the community seems so well established it took some courage to join in a conversation. I was originally looking for a 'post a question' opportunity.

    I really love the forum and want to join conversations, but you know when you go to a party and don't know anyone it's hard to join in. The welcome emails are really lovely and please, please don't take this the wrong way but the first reply with the rules was what you cannot do, rather than what you can do. Just my personal thoughts from someone who has just joined.

    Now I have replied to a few threads I have a better understanding.

    Written in love and not criticism.
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  20. Greetings,
    Asking All new members to become familiar with the way things are done around here and getting them to understand what topics we will not permit to be discussed saves alot of issues down the road.

    This aids in keeping cfs peaceful and safe for our members.

    Did you happen to notice the profile post on your profile once you were approved?
    It had links to your welcome pack etc.

    Thank you for being a part of cfs.
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