Are You A Fool?

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  1. So many come on these forums looking for truth. This might help.

    Dogma teaches that we're to call no one a fool, Matt 5:22, so I ask you to check for yourself, as I do daily, if you are a fool.

    Proverbs 1:7 (KJV)
    The fear of the LORD [is] the beginning of knowledge: [but] fools despise wisdom and instruction.

    It's really easy to see yourself as either a total failure in this, or perfect. But remember,

    Proverbs 12:15 (KJV)
    The way of a fool [is] right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel [is] wise.

    Find all the words in the scriptures that say "fool" and see if any apply to you, as I have. I don't say this to make you feel bad or condemn yourself, but to only acknowledge the need to improve in the area of your life you can identify with in the scriptures. The way to fix your problem once it's identified is to meditate on the verse that speaks to you, and reverse it. Here's an example:

    Proverbs 10:18 (KJV)
    He that hideth hatred [with] lying lips, and he that uttereth a slander, [is] a fool.

    He that speaks love with truthful lips, and he that speaks peace is wise.

    It's that simple. When you're done with "fool" do "wise" and apply them to your life. This is how you die daily to sin by identifying it.
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  2. I agree.

    “Any fool can criticize, complain, and condemn—and most fools do. But it takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving.”
    Dale Carnegie
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  3. Great verses, good reminder.
  4. It is also a wonderful way to be able to view what you type as opposed to what someone else types. A way to understand.
  5. That proverb, 10:8 me..I've been harboring hatred for someone but I plan to set it right, hopefully tommorow .
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  6. Amen! Fool is as fool does.
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  7. thought provoking.
  8. Thanks. :)
  9. Good post, all that keeps popping up in my head is 'humility'; practice it well, practice it often!

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